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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Persistence. More persistence. Almost success!

As most of you already know, Nathan and I have been planning to buy a house.
Now, our first experience renting was a disaster. We had a bunch of roommates, there was drama and since the bills came out of my account I had to be the person on everyone's case to get the money, and our landlord was, well, unprofessional. When we called because something in the house broke, he was usually out of town and couldn't fix it. Yet would show up unannounced to fix or improve things that didn't need fussed with. It was nothing but a stressful nightmare for the most part.
When we moved into the townhouse we are in now we were pleasantly surprised to find that any complaints that we called in for were rectified quickly. More than quickly, it was done by the next day. However, there were certain sacrifices we had made. We share a wall with a neighbor. There isn't a yard. And the buildings feel as though they are basically on top of each other. For the short-term, it has been perfect. But this is not the place I want to raise my children.
Initially the plan was to move to North Carolina. However, long story, we realized that we would both be happy staying in Kentucky. We LOVE our church, our friends, and the community. Berea is truly a unique place, you can't really understand it until you spend time here. And we have connections here, connections that can help us both further our careers. We can build a great and happy future right here, and that's what we plan to do.
So, with the help of the realtor we were going through in Fayetteville, we found a house here. Not just "a house" the dream house. It has everything that Nathan and I both wanted.
Here were our dream house requirements:
3+ bedrooms
1.5+ bathrooms
an extra room I could turn into a playroom
at least 1 acre of land
room for a barn/stables
not too far from town
front porch

The house that we found:
3 large bedrooms
2 full bathrooms
A formal dining room that I will use as a playroom
2.5 acres of land
A barn with two stables
A front porch that goes across the entire front of the house
An unfinished guest house
15 minutes outside of Berea
beautiful view of the mountains
AND a whole lot else

We went out to see it, twice, inspecting it closely and both of us being able to envision our family growing there. So we started trying to move forward. After dealing with a loan agent who was convinced that she couldn't help us get a mortgage, we found one who was able to approve us in a day. We put in an offer last Thursday, got the details of a counteroffer on Sunday. Sunday night we talked in over and decided to accept the counteroffer. Now we start moving forward with inspections and everything else. If, and that is a very big IF, but if it all goes smoothly we could close and have the keys by the end of June!
It's scary, but also extremely exciting! We want nothing more than to really settle down. I mean, I lived in the same house for the first 18 years of my life. It wasn't until I left for college that I moved, and since then everything has been "temporary." So this permanence would give me some security and peace of mind as Nathan and I continue to grow as a family.