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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mom Moments (Part 8)

Here's another giggle worthy post of things Jace has said just in everyday, totally unintentionally hilarious ways.

*I decided to try a peel-off face mask*
Jace: What's that on your face?
Me: My skin.
Jace: It's coming off?
Me: Yep.
Jace: That's really creepy mom. *Pause* Can I help??

Pulling into the parking lot at the doctors office.
Jace: You could park there.
Me: No, that spot says for doctors only, and your mommy is many things, but she is not a doctor.
Jace: Yeah. Do you need billions and millions of dollars to become a doctor?
Me: Well, you need a lot of money and doctors have to do like ten extra years of school.
Jace: That concerns me.

Me: Jace you got crumbs on you from your muffin, I need to brush off your shirt.
Jace: They're gonna think I'm a hot mess maker!

Jace: Are you broken?
Michael: What?
Jace: Are you broken?
Micheal: Well, I'm an adult, so yeah.
Jace: Good.

Elise: Jace did you fart?
Jace: Nope, that was Brendan.
Elise: Really? Cause I think it was you.
Jace: No, my uncle is always a stinky boy.