Welcome to my little haven of creative writing, passionate ranting, and thoughtful learning.

About the Blog

Reflections in writing is very much my personal haven to write honestly. It's my chance to form my thoughts and share my world. I started the blog back in 2013, after realizing that my college blog no longer felt like me. That college girl didn't exist, instead I was a mom, and a wife, and a determined and insistent woman just trying to figure life out.

I used to journal obsessively, not able to truly work through my life until I had written it down and reflected on it (see, the title really does make sense). But I have grown since beginning this blog, still calling myself an novice blogger, but no longer feeling completely unprepared to keep up with the blogging world.

I discovered linking up with Emily, the blogger at Chatting at the Sky.

She hosts several linkups, and I have pretty faithfully followed her in blogging about monthly learning.

She inspired me to begin my own linkup, Things I'm Loving. Every month on the 15th you'll find a post of what I'm loving right now, and whether you're an amateur blogger like me, or a pro, I'd love to have you join in!

Three years strong, I'm pretty proud of what this blog has become, but I'm even more excited to see where it goes, and I hope you'll stay along for the ride.

Circa 2013 

Circa 2016