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October Flash Fiction Challenge


She giggled as the monarch flitted in front of her outstretched fingers.
Blonde curls knotted across her forehead, bare toes crunched decaying leaves through the open meadow while her white sundress caught the wind.
At the edge of the field stood a willowy woman, frozen in thought.

"Emma, time for us to go!"
The toddler ran further, determined to touch the butterfly.

"Emma honey, we need to get home to make some dinner," the woman said, not moving.
The blonde curls reached the edge of the open space.

"Emma baby, Mommy is serious now, it's time for us to leave."
Tiptoes headed into the first of the trees.

"Emma you need to turn around now, Daddy is waiting for us at home. Mommy is going to count to three! One..."
A loud crack signified a tree branch breaking behind the dark haired woman, but she didn't flinch.

Unnoticed by the woman, a rough hand reached out for her shoulder.

An arm whisked her around to face a blonde man towering over her.

"Emma's gone honey. You know this. She's been gone for two years."


This flash fiction piece was written linking up with Catherine Valentine: feel free to join her creative writing challenge for October!

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Things I Learned in September

As usual, I'll be linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky for this little post of learning.

September was a busy month!
Between a 5K, a couple date nights, a lifegroup, family coming down to visit, and the Spoonbread weekend, I was kept on my toes. Here's what I learned:

1.) Two year old boys cannot sleep in the same room without causing trouble.
After crawling in and out of the pack'n'play, moving every toy in the room, and refusing to sleep, I eventually moved one toddler into my bedroom so we could all get a little rest!

2.) The actual year, academic fiscal year, and federal fiscal year are 3 completely different things.
I am going to call this a lack of communication, but it just seems illogical to me that years start and end on different months for all three of these.

3.) How to organize an emergency binder.
Thank you Pinterest! I've always wanted to make one so that I would have everything in a reliable place, but could never figure out how to separate things. Where to I put the social security cards versus the car registration? But these printables let me put together an entire binder in two days!

4.) Being left alone at work can be dangerous and wonderful.
Last week my office was only two people. Two. So after doing every work-related thing I could come up with, I ended up finding projects and making lists of my own all while binge-watching Netflix on my tablet. It was heavenly! The readjusting back to a full office has been a little rough though.

What did you learn in September?

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