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Lessons Learned (or Relearned) in 2014

I was so pleased with how I was able to recap and learn from 2013 that I decided to use the same format this year as I revisit important moments from the year.


Stability is key to my happiness.
January began a full-time, set schedule job that had no end date. I work 8-5, at my own desk, and when I leave on Friday at 5, I know what I'm coming back to. For me, having the ability to plan in advance and have some idea what my life looks like, was a fantastic baseline to my happiness.


Surrounding yourself with friends makes life infinitely better.
When I look back at my social media from February I see posts from spending my time with friends. Not even doing crazy weekend trips or typical 20-year-old-girl things, but just sharing life. Celebrating birthdays, doing farm work, working out and holding each other accountable for workouts, and just knowing that we had companionship on our journey.


Achieving even part of a goal is amazing.
Originally my goal was to lose all 40 pounds and run my first 5k in March on my 24th birthday. I didn't lose all the weight, but I did run my first 5k. Not only did I run it in the time I hoped, I placed first in my age group. It was an amazing day, and an amazing feeling to be able to run three miles and not be miserably slow.


Birthday parties don't need to be an over the top affair to be perfect.
To celebrate Jace turning two we had a little party at the park. Pizza, friends, sidewalk chalk, and some bubbles. That's all it took, and Jace loved it.


Having a grown up job really helps you grown up.
In May I took my first ever "business trip." I went to the Annual Meeting for my work, spending two days in business casual wear, talking to President's and Dean's of our colleges, and mostly pretending I had some idea what I was doing. Despite being intimidated, I actually really enjoyed it and can't help but enjoy the new experiences I get with my job.


Friendships endure.
Yes, I realize I already posted about friendship once, for three summer's prior to this one, I worked at the Berea City Pool. I guarded, taught swim lessons, or managed and LOVED it. In part I loved it because of who I worked with, but I wasn't sure if those friendships could really stay alive when I no longer worked there. As it turns out, though I missed a lot not being there 40+ hours a week, my guard friendships were still there and are still going strong now.


Let it go. 
Yes, I'm using a Frozen reference here, but July was four months into attempting to buy a house. Not just a house, the place we wanted to be our home, where we wanted our family to grow. But we ran into complications from the beginning and in July we were out of ways to make it work, so we had to move on.


Take the time to have some adventures!
In August we did some hiking, went to King's Island, had little cookouts with s'mores, and made an effort to be outside while summer was still here.


Even if you fail to meet your goal, you can still look at the bright side.
My second 5k was the Spoonbread 5k, and I wanted to be able to run it in 25 minutes. I didn't. I ran it in 27, but I ran it with a good friend, my husband and son were ready to cheer me on as I crossed the finish line, and the fact that I ran it meant I was still running and keeping active.

One year being fitness-aware is wonderful.
It took nearly a year to do it, but I hit my goal weight. Forty pounds lost. And since I took so long to accomplish it, I have to believe that the changes I made are sustainable and that, hopefully, I will always remain aware of my health and fitness.

Appreciate what you have.
This isn't news to me, but for most of November I had to make a consistent effort to remind myself to focus on what I do have rather than what I lost. November was a very hard month, and sometimes it's still hard, but I try to remember to focus on the positive.


Getting away from home is great. Coming back home is too.
The entire month of December seemed to pass in a blur as we were constantly travelling. The first week was our long-awaited cruise with a drive that went to Ohio-to-Florida-to-Ohio-to-Kentucky. A couple weeks later we were back on the road to spend Christmas with family. When we arrived home after that trip all I wanted to do was just stay home for awhile and get back into my routine. Thankfully, that's what January should be!

Overall 2014 was a good year, and of course it was another year to watch my rambunctious little one grow and learn and a year to watch my relationships mature and strengthen. I look forward to 2015 and both the joys and heartbreaks that will come with it!

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Going Nowhere

I'm really very fond of this little blog. Not to mention extremely proud of the fact that I've kept it faithfully for over a year and a half. But recently I've watched my friends and fellow bloggers blogs take on a more serious note.

Instead of intermittent posts, there are:
- at least two posts per week
- link ups
- interviews
- giveaways
- Facebook shares
- dedicated directions 
- a "point" to the blog

It's impressive, it's structured, and it's so not what my blog looks like at all. I have months where I post like crazy, then months where I only post one thing. I don't guest blog, review books, or do giveaways. My blog is just what it began as: a place for me to write, the share, and to connect.

And honestly, after some thought and self-examination, I'm really happy going nowhere with it. I don't need this blog to be income for me. I've never needed a spotlight (in fact I'd prefer to hide from the spotlight if possible). And I don't have time to work tirelessly on it, my time with Jace and my hubby is already cut short by work and responsibility.

So while I applaud and sit in awe of the friends that are making waves in the blogging world, I'll be happy here in my little corner with my regular ten reader that like to connect with my words and tell those ten people that they are quite awesome.

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Daddy's Girl

Sometimes I believe I am extremely grown up.

I'm a parent, a wife, a graduate, and a full-time employee.

All those descriptors clearly point to being an adult.

Yet there are still times when I'm reminded that I am a child.
Specifically, Mark and Brenda's child. To them, I will always be their baby girl. My mom is vocal about that, she still asks how my "little friends" are even when I tell her that they're finishing their master's degree or buying their first home. She still sees my friends as we were in high school, and I think in some ways she always will. However, my dad is much less clear on his thoughts. If you've ever met my dad, you wouldn't describe him as "warm." He used to terrify boys that I liked, and intimidated Nathan to no end. He is tough, straightforward, and not affectionate with words.

But he has other ways of showing how he feels though, mostly by taking care of me in moments I don't want to ask for help.
When we left for the cruise I left my car at my parents house since we were taking Sam and Michael's Jeep to Florida. When I returned my dad had taken my car in to the dealer to get parts replaced from a recall, had checked it over and replaced the spark plugs, and then put four new tires on it. Financially, it is my Christmas present, but I know what it actually was: it was my dad's way of saying "I love you." It was his way of saying he's sorry for the rough couple months I have had and showing that he still wants to protect me from the world, no matter how grown up I think I am.

It melted me to have him do that, because I have always been a daddy's girl. And honestly, I know I always will be, no matter how far into adulthood I go.

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