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Stars Hollow, Eevee, and Project Management [July Learning]

What did I learn in July to improve myself and my life?

Be spontaneous.

I love my routine, and I love to have things planned. But sometimes it brings my soul great joy to do something in the moment, with no advanced planning, that I know will make me happy. As I headed to the gym one morning, I detoured and instead went to the beach at sunrise. It was a beautiful morning that brought great happiness to my heart.

1.) Pokemon Go

Along with the rest of the world, I downloaded the Pokemon Go app. Initially I downloaded it for Jace, and really did only play it with him. I've noticed more and more though that I'll open it up just to check if there are any Pokemon I don't have nearby.

2.) I'm not ready to be a Project Manager (yet).

Currently my title is Project Assistant at work, and the project I'm assisting with is a rather massive implementation that won't be done until next year. The Project Manager is who I work most closely with, and she is out on a leave for up for 4 weeks, and in the meantime she has entrusted me with many of the tasks and responsibilities she normally sees to.

I'm just saying, there's a reason I'm an assistant. But, I'm also grateful for the experience, because what I have discovered thus far is that, though I'm not ready now, I could one day see myself thriving in that role.

3.) Lindsay and I have 5 conversations. Basically daily.

Actually, it's not even 5 conversations, it's more like 2 or 3 conversations spread over 5 means of communication. On a daily basis we hangouts/snapchat/text/Facebook message/call each other. I told Nathan, I hope no one ever hoped to follow a full conversation of ours, because they'd have no idea where to look for each piece.


Be still my heart I was feeling all the feels when the first trailer came out for the 4 part series, along with the date of November 25. I watched the trailer 3 times within an hour of its release, and marked the calendar, informing my husband that yes, we would be staying up all night to binge watch it, and yes, we would be doing so in true Gilmore Girls style with a feast of junk food.

What did July teach you?

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A Day at the Fair

Some things just don't change, and one of them is the Trumbull County Fair.

I don't remember the first year I went, but I do remember at age 8 trying to save my allowance for the fair. The Hawaiian Shaved Ice booth is always on the main strip, the best fries are Richardson's at the corner by the grandstands, and there's a little shop owned by a married couple that makes the best candy apples.

What I remember most about the fair, though, is going with my grandparents. They would walk a little in the morning, then set up in the grandstands and spend the day watching them prepare the track for the tractor pull or the demolition derby, or in later years the school bus races.

They were always there, offering a home base when we were old enough to go off on our own with friends to the midway and ride. They were there with coolers of drinks and snacks, they held the bags of free stuff we collected and stuffed animal prizes. And when we were little we weren't that interested in the event, but we cared that we were with them.

We brought our Harry Potter books to read while the rest of the crowd cheered for the tractor pull, and my sister and I fought over who got to sit by papa.

My papa died when I was 15, but I keep those memories close. And this past weekend, I went to the fair with my own family and my parents.

And my son sat in the grandstands with his coloring book, in the same spot we've sat in my whole life. And as I watched him color with his Mimi, I realized that I'm giving him experiences that I treasured from my own childhood. I watched his relationship with my mom, and was so reminded of my own relationship with my papa.

I was a lucky girl, and I am blessed beyond imagination to now have my own baby to watch my mom and dad grandparent.

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I've said and posted about it before, and living with my in-laws, I hear constantly how much Jace is exactly like his dad.

Jace looks like a mini Nathan on many counts, he eats like his daddy did, and he has many of the same mannerisms as my husband did when he was young.

But those moments when I see myself in him, those moments melt my heart.

Yesterday morning he woke up at 6:00 am, and crawled into bed with me.

"Mom, it's wake up time!"

It was not wake up time, so I convinced him to snuggle up with me and he fell back asleep.

As I started to wake up I heard him talking, but he was still fast asleep. This was a new development that I didn't know about, but I knew immediately who he got it from.

When I was younger I remember spending the night at grandma and papa's house and papa telling me the next morning that I talked in my sleep, and it was so funny. When mom came to pick my sister and I up, he told her and she said she knew: it was something both us girls just did.

It's a little thing, but those moments when I see our similarities just make me pause, because Jace is his own little person now. He has his own sassy little personality. But he is still his mommy's boy, in ways he doesn't even know.

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Embracing the Curves

I've posted a lot about trying to get back in shape, and trying to be healthy. From October 2013-October 2014 I succeeded in my weight loss goal of 40 pounds.

It is hard to admit that I've gained back 30 of that.

Each time I thought I was getting ahead and would be back on the path of getting back to the goal weight, something would derail me, or even with the exercise and diet, the weight would still stick.

Watching my wardrobe piece by piece become too small has been painful.

Right now, I'm pleased as pie to say that I have a handle on my depression. Turns out it was a combination of depression and actually my thyroid being overactive. This is glorious, wonderful, Thank-You-God news to me, but antidepressants are known to have a fun side effect called weight gain.Or, the inability to lose weight.

I talked to my doctor, and she told me that honestly if I'm still being active she'd be a lot more concerned about the depression being under control than me gaining a few pounds. Because even over the 6 week span of testing out different medications and dosages I gained over 5 pounds, and it was a big concern to me. But she's right, I'd rather have my rounder tummy and desire for life than my ideal shape and be curled up each night in a fog.

So here I am, in 2016, back up nearly to the start of my fitness journey weight. And you know what? I've decided it's time to embrace the curves. Did I love the cuter clothes and smaller sizes? Absolutely. Am I using this as an excuse to eat whatever I want and not care about my fitness? Not a bit.

But I got tired of throwing on the same pair of yoga pants and three loose fitting tops, so I spruced up my wardrobe with some secondhand shopping (my favorite kind of shopping!) and am embracing what I look like right now.

So yes, my curvy waist is still going to be in a swimsuit at the pool and on the beach. Yes, there are going to be some jiggly parts under my collection of summer sundresses. And yes, I'm going to take selfies and not hide from the camera, because there is a lot more to my beauty than what the scale has to say.

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