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OnBase, Good Friends and Step Goals [March Learning]

1.) Moving basically guarantees exceeding your step goal.

Day one of the move, over 16,000 steps. Day two, over 14,000.

2.) Good friends will drive over an hour to come have dinner and hang out at your new house.

3.) OnBase is amazing.

I worked at Hyland for a year, but was never in OnBase. Now that I've gone through training I've learned what the software actually does, and it's fantastic. Especially for an organization freak like me. Also, I may or may not be considering an anonymous note to the law office I worked at, because they really need to consider going paperless.

2017 Goals Update:

I laid out goals for myself this year, and what better time to check in with them then my monthly learning post? Here's where things stand currently.

1.) Read 50 books!

Current Status: I read one book in all of March, so hopefully April I can pick my reading back up now that I'm moved into my new place and finished with the training and assessments and Monday I sit at my new desk for my first official day as a Travel & Expense Specialist.

2.) Achieve and maintain goal weight.

Current Status: No comment guys. No comment.

3.) Meditate daily

Current Status: Um. See above.

4.) Maintain Blog

Current Status: Success! 2017 seems to be a good year so far for my blogging life.

5.) Write!

Current Status: I didn't submit a piece this month, which means I'll need to submit two pieces in April.

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Things I'm Loving {March '17}


After more than a year of sharing space, having my own house is bringing me more joy than I could ever have imagined.

2.) Moments of spring weather

Currently, it's snowing. However, a week ago it was so lovely I went for a walk on a work break without even needing a coat or jacket. And those moments of warmth and sunshine and the promise of spring bring me extreme joy.

3.) Decorating

We unloaded the first uHaul into the house on Saturday. The second uHaul on Sunday. And by last night, I had begun a gallery wall in the living room, because a house is not a home until I have personalized it with pictures.

4.) Season Three of Girl Meets World

Yes, this show is meant for the preteen/teenager age. Do I care? Nope. Still gonna love watching it.

5.) Memory Lane

In getting everything from my parents old house, I now have years and years of memories, which I've loved going through. Look at baby Camille, I totally see some Jace features and also, CUTE!

What are you loving right now? What joy is in your corner of the universe? If you blog, please feel free to link up below!

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Leaving Limbo

I have spent the past year (and a half) of my life in limbo.

Am I leaving Ohio?
Should we try to move back to Kentucky? 
When will my temporary position end?
What's the plan when it does end?
What is the next step for my family? 

In August, I started applying to jobs. I applied to positions in Kentucky (Berea, Richmond and Lexington). I applied to positions at Hyland and nearby. And when my parents moved to Ocala, Florida, I started applying there.

My temporary position got an end date, September 15, 2017. That was my timeline left to figure it out. In the meantime I would continue living in the basement, unable to move because where my next position would be was unknown.

The number of positions applied to and number of times I tweaked my resume and cover letter grew, exceeding 100. I had several interviews that ended in rejection, and one I never heard from again. And it was discouraging. There were many moments I just felt completely defeated and useless.

But then, in an attempt to move forward with our lives, we started looking for places to rent that would be closer to our church and give us back the ability to be our own family unit here in Ohio. After being turned down endlessly because of Luna, and feeling done on that front too, I got a lead from a coworker. A three bedroom house, 15 minutes from church, 20 minutes from work, and we went to see it. I fell in love.

The next day was a follow up interview for a position at Hyland Software. I was offered the position in the room.

 In one week, everything changed. In one week, I had answers.

I'm not leaving Ohio, I'm staying at Hyland in a permanent position. We are living in a home in Elyria for at least the next year, and after that we can decide whether continuing to rent or pursuing buying a home is the best option. Jace will start kindergarten this fall, Nathan will finish up his schooling here. And meanwhile, we will be a family. We will plan to attend events nearby, we will be more involved and work to create relationships within our church. We will make trips to Newton Falls to visit my sister and our friends. We can plan family vacations to Florida because I will now have paid time off. And we can settle in, because obviously, this is where we're meant to be.

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Mom Moments (Part 10)

Jace took his tools to work on the faucet in the bathtub:
Jace: Hey mom, where does gwampa keep his tools? Mine just aren't doing the job.

Having mini cheeseburgers for dinner.
Jace: Can I have one piece of bacon for my sandwich?
Me: Sure *Hands him a piece*
Jace: Thanks. Can I have another so this piece doesn't get lonely?

Me: Strip down, it's time to put on PJ's.
Jace: But I don't want to.
Me: Not a choice, it's bedtime and you need PJ's.
Jace: But I want you to do it.
Me: Jace, just get naked.
Jace: *Deep sigh* I'll do the top half, you do the bottom half, does that seem fair?

Jace: Hey mom, do you want a foot massage?
Me: Sure, that sounds lovely. Do you know how to give a foot massage?
Jace: Yep! I walk with my feet on your back.

After finding out I got the new job.
Me: Jace, did dad tell you the good news when he picked you up?
Jace: Um, yeah. Tomorrow's pajama day at school!!

Grandma to Nathan: Your face looks fat all of a sudden.
Nathan: Gee, thanks.
Jace: It's not fat, bloated is the word.

Me: 20 minutes until bedtime, what do you want to do?
Jace: Hmm. Hmm. Um, I don't know. Do I have to take a bath before bed?
Me: No, you got a bath last night and you weren't outside today.
Jace: Oh. But mom, can I please have a bath?

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