My Family

My Spouse

Nathan and I met in October of 2009, and began dating that December. Two years later we were married, on December 3, 2011. We could never have imagined the journey that was in front of us: one healthy baby, two miscarriages, a year of major surgeries and a move away from home, and months of marriage counseling that very nearly ended in divorce. But through the struggles, we have continued to stand by each other, and will continue to do so. He is my support system, my comforter, and my love. 

My Firstborn

Jace Alexander was born April 10, 2012 and has been the center of my life ever since. I could not have asked for a more perfect blessing than this sweet-tempered and cuddly little booger. He took my life and made it purposeful. I could not imagine where I would be without him. 

Baby #2 and #3

Two of my babies reside in heaven: I miscarried them in October of 2014 and April of 2015. My baby due in June 2015 was to be named Ava Victoria or Sawyer Phoenix, I miscarried before even getting an ultrasound picture. My baby due November 2015 was to be named Cade Atticus or Emmeline Faith, and is buried in Lexington. Both babies have forever altered my life, they will always be counted and I know that one day I will have the honor to meet them in heaven.

The Pups

My dogs are not my children, but they are absolutely a part of our family.


We adopted Luna as a puppy in February of 2013, and she has been the absolute best family dog. She loves all her people, sleeps in Jace's bed with him every night, runs 5K's with me, and is convinced that despite weighing 50 pounds, she's a cuddly little lapdog.


Maverick is our newest addition: we adopted him from the local shelter in June of 2017. He doesn't seem to have had the best life before us, he doesn't know what to do with toys or really how to play. But he's a sweet boy, and a guard dog that loves to have his belly scratched and eat all the treats.
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