I'm a 90's baby raised in a small town on a small farm: I'm completely at ease cleaning out a pig pen, chasing chickens, and getting my hands dirty. I started driving go-karts at age 4, racing micro sprints at 12. I spent my summer's climbing at Nelson Ledges, catching crawdads and catfish at Rock Creek, and swimming from sunup to sundown. I catch fireflies, hike in the woods, and love animals.

         But I'm also a girly-girl. I still watch Disney movies and love the princesses, and adore putting on a dress, high heels, and getting dolled up. I like to have doors opened for me, be surprised with flowers, and be treated like a princess. I own enough dresses to wear a different one each day for a month, and love a shopping trip.

         I write what I feel, take pictures of everything, and indulge in fattening foods. I work full time as a project assistant, love it, and spend as much time with my not-so-little 4 year old as I can. I dance back and forth with the idea of more kids, still mourning my two in heaven. I do have other babies that I consider to be mine though: one I was the third person to see in life after an accidental home birth, and she's my girl.

        I'm stubborn and can be emotional, but knowing my flaws helps me embrace being me. I'm an INFJ and love to study people. I cannot stand coffee (the taste or the smell), and I'm only comfortable in a group if I get to observe first.

       Singing is a passion, and I wish I could draw or paint. I'm content with my writing though, and know that I need to give it more time and attention.
    I've already lived many of my dreams: I became a mom, married the love of my life, swam with dolphins, went inside the pyramids at Giza, and moved away from home. I still have many more dreams to accomplish, and the list grows frequently.

I hope to continue living each day being grateful for it, and to work to make my dreams a reality.
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