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Be the Match, Self Care and Shutter Island [May Learning]

For the month of May, I relearned something that I've struggled to learn for years. I stopped accepting crap by learning:


This month I stopped stressing out about what else that $10 could be spent on besides a massage at work. I took a mental health day and spent the morning in bed and took a hot bubble bath. I spent time with my friends, laughing and being joyful.I took the time to really pay attention to my body and mind and take care of myself, and the difference has been wonderful. I am realizing that in order to be fully functional, I really have to listen to my body and take care of myself, even if it's not the most practical choice in the moment.

1.) Women carry tension in their jaws.

Thanks to Hyland at least once a month I get a 15 minute massage with Trish. She's fabulous and wonderful and did I mention fabulous? Well, early in May I had a headache and asked if she could work on the base of my skull and my neck hoping to alleviate the pain. She suggested that next time she continue that and work on the jaw as well. She was so right, because when I went back two weeks later I felt amazing.Typically women hold back what we want to say, and that settles into our jaws. That energy sits there and, for me at least, weighed me down.

2.) Gaining weight doesn't mean I'm out of shape. 

I've definitely wandered away from my goal weight that I hit in October of 2014. It's an ongoing struggle as I look at the clothes that fit at my goal weight and the clothes I can comfortably wear now. But I ran a 5K this month at work, and I did so without walking and completed it in 30 minutes. That means holding approximately a 10 minute mile pace.

3.) I miss watching horror/suspense/mystery movies!

I used to love to watch scary movies. Not gory, but mysterious, frighting and suspenseful. I got so wrapped up in Storm of the Century and Rose Red. I remember watching Jeepers Creepers with my mom, all kinds of movies that creeped me out. But when I married Nathan, that went away. Nathan doesn't do scary movies, and I don't like to watch movies like that alone (I live in a basement, it's just not ideal). But when I went to my mom's house I watched Shutter Island with my soon to be brother-in-law and loved it. So, any other amazing movies like that I've missed in the last few years??

4.) I am an official member of Be The Match.

In March I sent away for my kit to be listed on the registry. On May 20 I finally got the email that they have processed my cheek swab and I am on the registry. The statistics say that about 1 of every 430 people registered will actually go on to donate, but the possibility exists that I could one day be called to help.

5.) Movie pre-screenings rock. 

Crocker Park is right by my work, and Hyland has connections so we occasionally get an email inviting us to sign up for free passes to see a movie before it's released. This month I got to see Me Before You, and it was fantastic. Great acting, good plot, and I got very emotionally wrapped up in it. I woke up still analyzing it the next morning and that does not happen often with movies anymore. I'd totally recommend it, and also suggest bringing a little pack of Kleenex if you cry ever.

6.) Soundtracks make great productive music.

This month I got tired of my typical Pandora radio stations and on a whim started diving back into my musicals and soundtracks, and to my surprise found myself being very productive while listening. Case in point, as I type up this blog post I'm rocking out to the Wicked soundtrack. This month I've indulged in Across the Universe, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, Chicago and the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks. Any suggestions for others?

7.) Summer is here!

Days of 80* weather, bonfire's at night, Memorial Day picnics, pools opening, and s'mores with my favorite tiny human. I'm so excited for summer!

How was your May? What did you learn? Link up with Emily to tell more about your adventures!

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Changing Dreams

As a little kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian. A job where I saved the animals, who wouldn't want that?

But then in fourth grade accelerated class we watched a film of brain surgery and I was sent running to the restroom. That made me rethink.

The next dream was to be a marine biologist. Being in the water with the dolphins and sharks, studying the fish and coral, perfection.

And then I got into high school science classes. I simply did not have the science brain: I had the language and literature brain.

By the time I graduated high school, I had decided to pursue an English degree as a pre-law degree. My senior year government class impassioned me, and I was convinced I could do it.

In college, that dream fell away. English was still my talent and passion, but going to law school no longer was. I fell into English teacher, and then when I was 21 that morphed one more time.

The last five years I have been working toward another dream: to be an English professor. I wanted to get my Master's and Doctorate degrees and teach at a small college. I longed to be able to write my own syllabus, choose the classes I taught (to some extent) and to work with young adults. I wanted to wait until Jace was in school to start back to school, but the dream remained unchanged.

Until this year.

My life isn't as stable as I hoped at this stage. Certainly not stable enough for me to consider undertaking multiple more years of school and multiple more years of debt. And with Nathan's health being what it is, I couldn't accept a teaching job unless that job was at a college close to a certain type of hospital.

And then I started at Hyland. I had never heard of a Project Manager in Information Systems. But as I've immersed myself in this world, I wish I had known about this type of work ages ago. Is it as dreamy as teaching my love of literature? No. But it's my love of details, of planning, of the feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes from completing a project successfully. It's given me a new goal to work toward and a new dream.

Change is part of being human, it's a part of life. Sometimes that change happens naturally, and sometimes it is forced by circumstance. But as I think about my future, and about the life I want for Jace, I think this change is for the best. Is it absolute? Of course not, remember that 15 years ago I thought I was going to be a veterinarian. But driving toward this goal will help me to move forward and keep on dreaming.

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