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Candlelight Makeup, Rocking ReFit, and a Quarter of a Century Old! (March Learning)

Photo Courtesy of Holly Korb (
1.) I cannot do makeup by candlelight.
Thanks to an awesome city-wide power outage, I got ready for work one morning in the dark. I attempted to put on just some basic makeup by candlelight, and I don't know what I was thinking. I can barely put together a decent look with a lit makeup mirror, but next time I think I may just opt for a plain face.

2.) No matter how good of shape I think I'm in, there's always an experience to remind me how far I can still go.
Earlier this month I went to an incredible master class in Lexington with the founders of ReFit. It was an AMAZING night, a ton of fun, and it completely kicked my butt. I almost never miss Monday night ReFit with Nicole, I dance, run, swim, walk, and generally tend to be an active person. But after 90 minutes of intense, no break in between songs working out, I was feeling it like none other.

3.) Everyone should get to stretch their birthday out over multiple days!
My birthday fell on a Sunday this year, which isn't a bad day for a birthday, but somehow I ended up lucky enough to have people want to celebrate with me throughout the whole weekend, and even beyond! It was a perfect weekend, and an amazing way to commemorate turning 25 (a whole quarter of a century old!).

As always, a huge thanks to Emily at Chatting at the Sky for hosting this linkup!

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Mom Moments (Part 2)

Attacking Daddy with help from Luna.
As expected, Jace continues to be adorable, which allows me to continue writing cute little snippets.

Toddler Dictionary:
Glubs = Gloves
Pea Butter = Butter (any kind, nut or not)
Say-yi-ya = A baby. Whether or not it's actually baby Celia, that's what he names all babies.

Singing Itsy Bitsy Spider to himself:
Itty bitsy pider, wash pider out.
Itty bity pider, wash pider out.

Jace is helping me cook mac'n'cheese for lunch.
Me: The water is starting to bubble.
Jace: *Gasp* Pop it!

Taking a walk outside.
Jace: Windy.
Me: It is pretty windy.
Jace: *Pauses for about a minute* Go away windy! Go away!

Luna is laying on the floor, tail wagging.
Jace: Dancing.
Me: What's dancing?
Jace: Tail dancing.
Me; Well, I guess it kind of is.

City-wide power outage. Jace wakes up and tries to turn on the light.
Jace: Broken?
Me: It's not working right now baby.
Jace: Broken. *Moves onto a different light switch* Broken too??
Me: They're all not working.
Jace: Mom, house broken!
Me: Pretty much, yep the house is broken right now.

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Happy Second Year Blog!

That's right, two years strong, check out that commitment! But really guys, let's just take a minute to appreciate that I have posted at least once a month, every month, for two whole years. That's a lot of writing, editing, and work. Oh and remembering, let's not forget that I have to actually remember to log on and work on this little corner of the cyber-world.

Last year I was all excited to share my most popular posts, the ones that had made their way around Pinterest and just kept growing with views. This year I haven't really had posts go "viral." Some are still popular, but mostly what this blog has been is just my place to think things through. It's still where I'm able to post yummy recipes, or rant when I just need to get it all out, but it's also been where I've been able to process what is way too lengthy to put in a Facebook post.

So, now to think about some goals. What do I want to do here in year three?

  • Continue to post at least once each month, whether it's a link-up, a rant, a recipe, or sharing personal life stories.
  • Post at least 4 creative writing pieces between now and next March 25. Whether a poem, a piece of flash fiction, or an excerpt from a longer piece, by posting it here I have accountability to be doing more creative writing.
  • Enjoy it! This has never been a "job" for me, this is joy, and I want to always keep it that way.

If you're still reading, you're awesome. And thanks for sticking around through the rambling, the strange, and the hopefully little moments of good writing that make their way to the "publish" stage.

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Kids Eat Free (Berea and Richmond)

When Jace was about one going out to eat was simple: unless Nathan or I got something extremely spicy or strange, Jace could just share with us. We didn't worry about ordering him a separate meal because he just didn't eat that much at one time.

That's no longer the case.

But I remember growing up that my parents loved going to Lone Star on Tuesday night because with the purchase of an adult entree, one kid ate free. Two adults, two kids, one significantly less expensive night out.

So I thought I would try to round up some of the restaurants we enjoy that offer such a deal and share with my other friends (and ask for their help finding other places that I don't know of!).

Old Town Grill - Berea
Steak'n'Shake- Richmond

McAlister's Deli- Richmond from 4:00-9:00pm


Applebee's- Richmond
Buffalo Wild Wings ($1.99)- Richmond



Steak'n'Shake- Richmond

Any restaurants you'd like to add to my list?
Particularly local places that might be harder to find online?

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Being a C-Section Mom

*Disclosure, this rant is talking about birth, so if squimish, you have been warned!

My mom had C-sections with both my sister and I, her body just wouldn't allow her to birth me vaginally, and back in 1992 the VBAC was unheard of. She warned me after my first exam that since the doctors noted the same issue in my body that she had, that it might make birth more difficult for me.

Fast forward to me at 22 years old, preparing to go to the hospital to have my baby. I wanted the epidural, but I also wanted to push. I wanted to experience birth in that way. However, in the back of my mind, I knew that there was the chance of a cesarean, and I was okay with that as long as at the end of the day I held a healthy boy (or girl if the ultrasounds were wrong) in my arms.

The choice was mine to make, but when I wouldn't dilate further, when Jace's heart rate elevated, and when all the circumstances came together, I made what I know was the safest choice for both of us: I chose to give birth via surgery. 

I don't regret it for an instant. I know it makes me no less of a mom, and I know that I still gave birth to my baby. There is so much out there right now that is negative about C-sections, but mine was and continues to be a wonderful thing because it allowed safe entry for my little one.

Based on my specific set of circumstances, when it is time for my next baby to be born, I will be having a repeat C-section. But as often as I see "Natural Birth Advocates," talk about how women are scared into having C-sections, pressured into them, and fear tactics are used to coerce them, I see their fear tactics too.

I read a blog post about birth statistics, and saw this:

Oh, well thanks so much for letting me know that since MY body needs a C-section I'm three times more likely to die. I mean really, there's not enough to worry about with growing and birthing a human being.

As a c-section mom, I feel like I see and hear it everywhere: from other moms, from women planning their births, and of course from social media where a week doesn't pass without seeing some link to a blog uplifting the glory of vaginal birth and tearing down the option of surgery.

"It didn't go exactly as planned, but at least I didn't have to have a C-section!"
Because having a cesarean is obviously the worst case scenario.  

"Well maybe next time you can have a vaginal birth, there's a VBAC!"
Because clearly the goal should be to have a vaginal birth, not just a healthy baby.

I can't and won't keep my mouth shut anymore. Would I encourage every woman to have a C-section? Absolutely not! But I'm certainly not going to say nothing while a valid and sometimes necessary option is treated as a bad thing or less of a birth.
I am a proud, strong, C-section mom.

And look, that picture shows my cute, healthy C-section baby.

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Spring Cleaning has Struck

I get rid of clutter fairly well. I'm not a pack rat. But when it comes to my clothes, there were some items living in plastic totes in my closet that have been there for nearly a year. Why?

Well it's been one year and four months since I started my fitness craze. When I began in October of 2013, I wore size Large in tops, size 12/14 in jeans, and that was what my entire wardrobe was made up of. Piece by piece, items became too large for me to wear. The cheap items that I had collected at Goodwill easily went back to Goodwill. But the pieces that I spent money on, that had a designer label, or that were a favorite still in fantastic condition, stayed on the hanger. They slowly made their way from the hanger, to the aforementioned plastic bins.

Every time I went through them, a nagging thought hung out that I couldn't shake, "What happens if you gain that weight back Camille? You never thought you would be that size, but it happened. If it does again do you want to have to fork over the money to buy things you were naive enough to give away?"

Yes, my mind is a cruel little thing.

So they continued to live in my squished little closet. They hung out there as my safety net that I could stop being so active and calorie-conscious and still have something to wear. But this past weekend I was going through clothes to sell to Twice for store credit so that I could get some new items. Twice only accepts certain brand names, so after going through all the items they would accept, I looked at what I had left. And I made a choice.

I don't want the safety net if that makes it okay for me to go back to being lazy.  

So I packed up all the clothes, and found them a new home. I thought it would be hard, instead it was cleansing. It was me declaring that this "fitness craze" is not a fleeting fad. It's not a temporary thing that I'll soon leave behind. I'm declaring that being healthy and fit (which, for me, seems to be at this size) is who I am and will continue to be.

Plus, making some space in my closet is a wonderful added bonus.

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