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Kids Eat Free (Berea and Richmond)

When Jace was about one going out to eat was simple: unless Nathan or I got something extremely spicy or strange, Jace could just share with us. We didn't worry about ordering him a separate meal because he just didn't eat that much at one time.

That's no longer the case.

But I remember growing up that my parents loved going to Lone Star on Tuesday night because with the purchase of an adult entree, one kid ate free. Two adults, two kids, one significantly less expensive night out.

So I thought I would try to round up some of the restaurants we enjoy that offer such a deal and share with my other friends (and ask for their help finding other places that I don't know of!).

Old Town Grill - Berea
Steak'n'Shake- Richmond

McAlister's Deli- Richmond from 4:00-9:00pm


Applebee's- Richmond
Buffalo Wild Wings ($1.99)- Richmond



Steak'n'Shake- Richmond

Any restaurants you'd like to add to my list?
Particularly local places that might be harder to find online?

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