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Candlelight Makeup, Rocking ReFit, and a Quarter of a Century Old! (March Learning)

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1.) I cannot do makeup by candlelight.
Thanks to an awesome city-wide power outage, I got ready for work one morning in the dark. I attempted to put on just some basic makeup by candlelight, and I don't know what I was thinking. I can barely put together a decent look with a lit makeup mirror, but next time I think I may just opt for a plain face.

2.) No matter how good of shape I think I'm in, there's always an experience to remind me how far I can still go.
Earlier this month I went to an incredible master class in Lexington with the founders of ReFit. It was an AMAZING night, a ton of fun, and it completely kicked my butt. I almost never miss Monday night ReFit with Nicole, I dance, run, swim, walk, and generally tend to be an active person. But after 90 minutes of intense, no break in between songs working out, I was feeling it like none other.

3.) Everyone should get to stretch their birthday out over multiple days!
My birthday fell on a Sunday this year, which isn't a bad day for a birthday, but somehow I ended up lucky enough to have people want to celebrate with me throughout the whole weekend, and even beyond! It was a perfect weekend, and an amazing way to commemorate turning 25 (a whole quarter of a century old!).

As always, a huge thanks to Emily at Chatting at the Sky for hosting this linkup!

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