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Mom Moments (Part 2)

Attacking Daddy with help from Luna.
As expected, Jace continues to be adorable, which allows me to continue writing cute little snippets.

Toddler Dictionary:
Glubs = Gloves
Pea Butter = Butter (any kind, nut or not)
Say-yi-ya = A baby. Whether or not it's actually baby Celia, that's what he names all babies.

Singing Itsy Bitsy Spider to himself:
Itty bitsy pider, wash pider out.
Itty bity pider, wash pider out.

Jace is helping me cook mac'n'cheese for lunch.
Me: The water is starting to bubble.
Jace: *Gasp* Pop it!

Taking a walk outside.
Jace: Windy.
Me: It is pretty windy.
Jace: *Pauses for about a minute* Go away windy! Go away!

Luna is laying on the floor, tail wagging.
Jace: Dancing.
Me: What's dancing?
Jace: Tail dancing.
Me; Well, I guess it kind of is.

City-wide power outage. Jace wakes up and tries to turn on the light.
Jace: Broken?
Me: It's not working right now baby.
Jace: Broken. *Moves onto a different light switch* Broken too??
Me: They're all not working.
Jace: Mom, house broken!
Me: Pretty much, yep the house is broken right now.

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