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Mom Moments (Part 14)

Know what I haven't posted in ages? Jace quotes. So what does the world obviously need more of? Funny things my kid says, so enjoy!

Asking Jace about our foster care classes:
Grandma: "What are mom and dad taking classes for?
Jace: "Well, we have a good house, so we can have kids that don't have good houses come stay at our house with us. And they might just stay for a little while, or they might stay with us for a long time, or until they get new owners."

Me: "Is Sophia your friend now?"
Jace: "Yes, she is my best friend because she played games with me!"
Me: "So, she's your best friend in the whole wide world now?"
Jace: "No, she's my best friend in the whole wide OHIO!"

I was taking a shower, and hear Jace screaming, so I jump out of the shower, shampoo and all.
Jace: "MOM, MOM, MOM!"
Me: "What, dude what happened, what's wrong???"
Jace : "Oh, you're here, I couldn't find you!"
Me: "I was in the shower. With the music playing."
Jace: "Well, I thought the bad guys took you and just left the music on."

Jace: "Mom, I had the worst dream ever."
Me: "Oh no, what did you dream?"
Jace: "I dreamed that I had a muffin and I had ice cream, and then Mavi took my muffin and he ate it! And I wanted to eat it, so I started crying."

Me: "Geez that's a big puddle."
Jace: "It's the biggest puddle I ever saw!"
Me: "Yeah, I don't think so kid."
Jace: "I was being psychotic mom"
Me, laughing: "Did you mean sarcastic?"
Jace: "Oh, yeah, I said that wrong."

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Things I'm Loving {May '18}

I accidentally skipped last month (sorry guys!), but I'm back with a list of things I'm loving!

1.) Handmaids Tale Season Two

I feel like this should be required watching for all of  'murica. Stand up, fight back, be aware of what is happening around you. Because while I love the show, I also find it terrifying.

2.) More days of sunshine and green!

Spring really felt like it might never arrive this year. It honestly was the longest winter I can remember. Finally seeing the blossoms makes the crazy pollen totally worth it.

3.) Being HOME

I love traveling, and if I stay in one place too long I get terrible wanderlust. However, after doing Washington, Colorado, and Kentucky in about 6 weeks, I am very content to spend some time just being home in Ohio.

4.) Church Community

This month started our with our Women's Retreat, which was an opportunity to not be "mom" or "wife," but to be me and spend some time focusing on who I am as a woman and building relationships with other women. It was a wonderful and refreshing weekend.

5.) New Life in Nature 

There is new life everywhere, including with a little robin we've named Gypsy, who decided to build her nest on the windowsill of our house. When we found the first egg, Jace literally DANCED down the stairs to tell Nathan. He is so excited to watch the baby birds hatch and grow up close and personal.

So, what in life are you currently loving? If you blog, link up below:

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Falling In Love

I was always a bit boy crazy, and if you read through the journals of my youth, most of my journal can be split into sections of which boy I had a crush on. I fell quickly and easily. Earlier this month, I experienced that falling again, but this time with a city.

I've been fortunate enough in my life to do a fair amount of travel, making it as far East as Egypt, but never very far West. For work, I was finally able to head to the West coast and spend five days in Seattle.

To start, I'm not a city person, this is not new information. Being downtown in cities makes me feel anxious and overwhelmed, and I can only handle city life for a few hours at a time. But Seattle? There's just something different.

Inside the city, I could still see greenery, everywhere. There were vines growing on the buildings, gardens and green spaces, I could see the water, and beyond the water I could see the mountains. Nature is my calm, it is one of the best ways I have to relax and it naturally reminds me to take deep breaths.

Then there was the walkability factor. My hotel was right downtown, and so of the 5 days I was there (not counting to and from the airport), I took a cab once. Just one time. Otherwise, I was able to walk everywhere I needed to go and everywhere I wanted to explore. There's something about the vibe of the city that just says, "Walk around and explore me!"

Day one was my first day at Pike Place Market, which I could compare to Westside Market here in Cleveland, but it's more like Westside Market on steroids. It's huge, bustling, delicious, breathtaking, and I ended up there four days because there was always something new to see, to taste, to try. Pike Place Market was my second favorite thing in Seattle, and iconic for a reason.

The fresh seafood was absolutely to die for. Both states I've lived in have been landlocked, and being able to eat seafood caught that morning is a special little slice of heaven.

I didn't get to experience all the nature that the surrounding area had to offer (since I was sent for a conference for work, I was actually expected to attend the conference. Weird, right?). But I did get to spend one glorious afternoon out on Puget Sound whale watching. And it was, by far, the most exhilarating part of my trip.

Pictures don't do justice to the beauty of that place, and I could easily have spent hours more out on the water.

When I arrived home, I actually felt homesick for Seattle, I felt so seamlessly connected to that place.

Seattle, I adore you, and I cannot wait to return.

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Things I'm Loving {March '18}

It's monthly link up time, for me it's a chance for a little intentional gratitude and positivity. It's a chance to pause and think about the things in my life that are bringing me joy and to share a little bit of that happiness. If you're a fellow blogger, please add your link below so I can check out what you're loving!

1.) Boy Meets World

I remember loving Boy Meets World, so I was absolutely thrilled to see it was on Hulu. And I'm currently in the last season!

2.) Thrifting

I'm blaming nesting, because we are tantalizing close to being licensed as foster parents, which means I've been organizing, cleaning, reorganizing, and tackling all the projects I can find. It's delightful for me, and a bit annoying for Nathan.

3.) Birthday Month

My birthday always makes me think about what I've accomplished and survived the year before and what I hope to accomplish in the next year. I'm determined to make year 28 phenomenal, intentional, and grateful. 

4.) Seattle

There's a full post coming on this one, but I absolutely love Seattle, it quickly became my favorite city over the five days I spent exploring it. 

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