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Things I'm Loving {September '17}

The 15th of every month is my time to intentionally think about what I'm loving and what is bringing me joy. If you're a fellow blogger please feel free to join up with what you're loving!

1.) Jace's school!
He comes home every night telling me about what he learned, about his new friends, and about the new games he's learned. So far kindergarten is off to a great start.

2.) The beginning of fall

Though I was sad to see the end of summer, I'm enjoying bringing out the scarves and boots and fall attire. I'm looking forward to apple picking, pumpkin picking, and other fun fall activities.

3.) Movie nights

Outdoors, indoors, doesn't matter as long we get to use the projector and feel like we're at the movie theater from the comfort of our home.

4.) Connecting with new friends

Making friends beyond school is challenging, but it's so worth it to take the time to dedicate to fostering a nurturing new relationships.

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Mom Moments (Part 13)

Jace: Rain rain go away, and come back never!

Me: Okay, tonight is going to be a little backwards. We're going to worship night at church and we're having ice cream sundae's, and then we'll get something for dinner. So, it's dessert first.
Jace: Oh. So I can have dessert and then dinner and then another dessert??

Watching Beauty and the Beast, the Be Our Guest scene:
Me: Jace, can you make me a dinner like that?
Jace: You can, I don't know how to cook!

Me: Okay my big almost-Kindergartner, do you want to take a bath or a shower tonight?
Jace: I can take a shower??
Me: Yep, I think you're big enough to take a shower if you want to!
Jace: Hmm, we should ask my teacher.
Me: What?
Jace: We should ask my teacher if I'm big enough to take showers now.

Me, getting up from sitting on the floor: Ugh, I'm getting old.
Jace: I like your age and don't like your age.
Me: Oh really, why?
Jace: Well getting older means you're that much closer to being dead. But your age means you're a mom and you do mom things and I like when you do mom things.

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Sploot! [August Learning]

Here's what I learned in August!

1.) What I've called "Frog Dog" is officially called a "Sploot."

And Maverick has a super cute sploot.

2.) There is a penis museum in Iceland.

It's the only museum in the world dedicated to this particular piece of anatomy, which is completely random and yet also fascinating.

3.) The German's where very against medical testing on animals, but had no problem using prisoners in concentration camps to test new drugs.

4.) Cedar Point is offering a free Pre-K season pass for 2018

For the first time, Cedar Point is offering free admission for kids age 3-5, get yours here!

5.) Parent swap is a brilliant idea for amusement parks

Jace visited Cedar Point for the first time this month, and we did parent swap. So, while two people waited in line for 45 minutes to an hour for a coaster, the other two took the tiny human to play on the little rides and then swapped off and got to ride the coasters too. Win-win-win.

2017 Goals Update:

I laid out goals for myself this year, and what better time to check in with them then my monthly learning post? Here's where things stand currently.

1.) Read 50 books!

Current Status:

2.) Meditate daily

Current Status: Daily, no. Occasionally, yes.

3.) Maintain Blog

Current Status: Post number 4 of the month, another successful month in the life of this blogger.

4.) Write!

Current Status: I did not do as much writing this month as last month, but I was also throwing myself into enjoying summer! Hopefully with the start of the school year for Nathan and Jace I'll have a little more time to focus on my writing.

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Things I'm Loving {August '17}

In this monthly link up I take the time to think about things that are bringing joy to my life, and invite you to do the same

1.) Rewatching Gilmore Girls (for the thousandth time).

2.) Cool nights opening up the windows.

3.) Food trucks at work!

4.) Spending time outside soaking up the end of summer.

5.) Seether's album "Poison the Parish."

What are you loving this August? If you're a fellow blogger please feel encouraged to link up below!

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