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Facials and Faith [February Learning]

As usual, the last day of the month I like to look back and see what I've learned over the days, and encourage friends to blog about it as well!

1.)  Lecto Divino

At church one week instead of a sermon, we did bible reading in the style of lecto divino as a whole church. And it was amazing, a very different way to read the word and listen.

2.) Facials

Hyland offers facials once a week for less than any salon I've seen, so I wanted to try one. It was soothing, and wonderful (except for the removing blackheads part. That part was a little bit painful) and I was amazed at how much more smooth my skin was afterward. She also was able to offer me some great tips to help me keep my skin healthy and hopefully get this stress acne under control.

3.) Detroit! 

Nathan and I  took a trip to Detroit the weekend after Valentine's day to see The Lion King and it was our first trip to Detroit together. I learned a little bit about the city, and had a lot of fun and food (Michael Symon's restaurant Roast. Best food ever.).

2017 Goals Update:

I laid out goals for myself this year, and what better time to check in with them then my monthly learning post? Here's where things stand currently.

1.) Read 50 books!

Current Status: I am still ahead, but not by the great leap I was before.

2.) Achieve and maintain goal weight.

Current Status: I gained back two pounds. Not what I was hoping to do, but I also barely worked out this month and kind of ate whatever I wanted. That's what stress does to me.

3.) Meditate daily

Current Status: Instead of improving, somehow this month I actually did worse. I think I meditated once a week. Maybe.

4.) Maintain Blog

Current Status: While not as impressive as my January, February continued my dedication to keeping the blog alive with four posts.

5.) Write!

Current Status: I wrote a short 500 word piece and submitted it to Babble. Currently their submissions are on hold until April, so it will be a while before I hear anything back. But I did it. And sometime in March, I will write and submit again. Because even a 500 word piece is 500 creative words in the right direction.

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5 Reasons You Should Never Have a Pitbull

1.) Obviously pit mixes are vicious vicious creatures, completely untrustworthy around tiny humans. I mean, look at these pictures!

2.) They cannot be trusted with other animals.Which, of course, is why since we've had Luna she is the only animal in the entire house.
Except for the bearded dragon. And the cats. And the other dogs.

3.) They're just mean looking beasts. Truly, look at her, doesn't her little pibble smile strike fear into your heart?

4.) There are websites pushing breed specific legislation and memes telling me how bad they are. And obviously, if it's posted online somewhere, it's true.

5.) And obviously, these cold blooded killers are not capable of loving and being loyal to their family.

We've had Luna for four years this month. She's not just a dog, she's part of the family. She's also the main reason we are turned away from apartments or homes for rent: because of discrimination for her breed. She's a pit bull and boxer mix dog, and it is completely lawful for her to be discriminated against. Not long ago Montreal banned all pit bulls, resulting in families having their four legged family members taken from them unless they acquired a special permit (source). The ban was then temporarily suspended, but in other areas similar bans have held up.

This isn't just an "I prefer this type of dog" issue any longer, the more of this legislation is passed, the more innocent puppers are going to be put down. As it is, when entering a shelter, the statistics have proven if a dog looks like a pit their odds of being put down are 87.6% (source).

Speak up. Fight against the breed specific legislation, because I will say it until I die, it is not the dog, it is the owner. And if we want to see fewer of these babies put down, we need to make it easier for them to find homes.

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Things I'm Loving {February '17}

Welcome to February's Loving post! For those unaware, on the 15th of every month I host a linkup asking what you're loving. Without further ado, here's what I'm loving:

1.) #takeactionTuesday (Check my instagram for more details, #takeactiontuesdaycmk).

2.) Valentines Day sweetness and chocolate.

3.) Snowmen, snowball fights, and laughing outside with the boys.

4.) Cooking new Thai recipes! So far this month, Thai Chicken and Wild Rice Soup and Shrimp Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce.

5.) Season two of Crazy Ex Girlfriend on Netflix (if you need some silly overly dramatic humor, this is it).

6.) Music mixes by alexrainbird on youtube. They're perfect for working, or to listen to while reading a book.

7.) Bible In One Year app. I've never read through the entire bible. I've heard and read a lot of it through sermons and studies, but I know I've never read the whole thing. So I downloaded this app that I listen to in the car in the morning en route to work.

Do you blog? Was a goal of yours for 2017 to blog more? Then please be encouraged to join in the linkup below!

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The Valentine's Day Post

I've always loved holidays, and even when I referred to Valentine's day as SAD (single awareness day), I still paid attention to it even if it was to buy ice cream with my girlfriends and mope about how terrible it was being single (spoiler alert for any of my single friends, it's not that terrible and those are some of my favorite memories).

This Valentine's day isn't anything special, but I feel that it should still be paid its' due. Jace is celebrating by having a party in his class, and handing out valentines to all his friends. And this weekend we went to get chocolate and made cards for all of our valentines.

He's adorable, and starting to get more of the traditions that come with holidays. Of course, a big part of this holiday for me is chocolate, and what's not to love about that?

And this year is my eighth with Nathan as my Valentine (babe, we're getting old).

Our first Valentine's day was certainly our most memorable (the man learned to tango with me. Nathan, who hates to dance and generally refuses to, learned to tango with me and went to a milanga in Lexington).

In the years since we've done movie dates, evenings at home; the more quiet, we've been married for awhile kind of Valentines day celebrations that can actually be just as fun.

Happy Valentines Day my friends, may it be spent with your love, or loves. Whether that is your spouse, your kids, your friends or your furry babies. May it be a day that reminds you that you are loved.

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