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The Valentine's Day Post

I've always loved holidays, and even when I referred to Valentine's day as SAD (single awareness day), I still paid attention to it even if it was to buy ice cream with my girlfriends and mope about how terrible it was being single (spoiler alert for any of my single friends, it's not that terrible and those are some of my favorite memories).

This Valentine's day isn't anything special, but I feel that it should still be paid its' due. Jace is celebrating by having a party in his class, and handing out valentines to all his friends. And this weekend we went to get chocolate and made cards for all of our valentines.

He's adorable, and starting to get more of the traditions that come with holidays. Of course, a big part of this holiday for me is chocolate, and what's not to love about that?

And this year is my eighth with Nathan as my Valentine (babe, we're getting old).

Our first Valentine's day was certainly our most memorable (the man learned to tango with me. Nathan, who hates to dance and generally refuses to, learned to tango with me and went to a milanga in Lexington).

In the years since we've done movie dates, evenings at home; the more quiet, we've been married for awhile kind of Valentines day celebrations that can actually be just as fun.

Happy Valentines Day my friends, may it be spent with your love, or loves. Whether that is your spouse, your kids, your friends or your furry babies. May it be a day that reminds you that you are loved.

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