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I'm a writer.

Yes, to each individual that means something different, so let me clarify. I write because if I didn't I think it's very possible that I would go insane. My evidence? I have journals starting at age 10 that follow me until now. I probably wrote even before that, but starting in September of 2000 I have journals that document what happened in my life, how I felt, what I thought about, and what I feared. I have not always been faithful to these journals, and in the times that I stopped writing that was when I was most susceptible to depression, being overly stressed, or just feeling disconnected.
Continuing with that, I have also had a couple blogs. I felt that it was time to start a new one because when I looked at my old blog I didn't really feel like the person who had been writing it before. Then I was a student, a girlfriend, a best friend, and a daughter. I am still some of these things, but now I identify myself first as a mom. It's strange at times, but when I think about myself I see myself as a mother. I am very dedicated to my son, and I want to spend all my time with him. So, it just seemed natural to me to start fresh and keep up with what my life is now instead of living in what my life used to be.
And my life currently? It's blessed. Jace, my almost one-year-old, is a thriving, content, loved, and inquisitive sweetheart that could not be more perfect. And until I start working at the City Pool (as the assistant manager this year!) I am a full-time stay at home mama. Today we hit a milestone: Jace actually used his baby walker-toy to race across the living room and kitchen on two legs instead of crawling. We're also weaning off of the bottle, which is going pretty well, but it's going to be tough in a couple weeks to get him to give up his bedtime bottle. I think it will be hard on me as well just because it seems that time is passing entirely too fast. At this time last year I was still pregnant, and now he's becoming a toddler. A very independent toddler that likes to explore on his own.
I think I'll use this blog for a little bit of everything, from journal-type entries, tracking the milestones of my little man, recipes and projects successfully completed from Pinterest, and just sharing my life.

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