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For those of you that are friends with me on Facebook you can already guess where I might be going with this. I changed my profile picture today. To this:

I support marriage equality. I truly do. As a Christian, straight, married woman, I completely support the idea of two men, two women, or a man and woman committing to each other for the remainder of their lives. When I said my vows to Nathan almost a year and a half ago, I meant them. I will love him, fight for him, defend him, and when things get tough (because this is life and life get's a little rough from time to time) I will stay with him and do everything in my power to make us continue to work. He is who I fell in love with and will continue to love until death and beyond. I think we are a good example of marriage, not because we are man and woman, but because we are committed. And I look to my other friends in their committed, loving, and faithful relationships and know that if they were to marry, they would bring honor to the word marriage. No matter what gender they are or identify as. This country was built on the idea of equal rights, I want to see the day when my dear friends have the right to share legally what Nathan and I have.
I want my children to grow up in a world where having two mommies or two daddies is normal. As long as a child is loved, protected, and taught well, then that is all any set of good parents can do. I will raise my children to love everyone, just as Jesus did, and not to judge because that is not our place. And by judging someone, you lose the chance to get to know them. This is where I stand, and what I truly believe. My mind will not be changed, no matter what bible verse is quoted to me or how "wrong" anyone else thinks it is. And I will keep hoping for the day when all the lovers I know can embrace marriage (if they so choose to), not just those that fell in love with someone of the opposite sex.

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