In almost 1 baking birthday Finding Nemo

Prepping for a First Birthday!

I cannot believe Jace is almost one. It's surreal that an entire year has passed since he came into the world. But in addition to my disbelief, I'm extremely excited. Right now I'm baking a cake for him because tomorrow we are doing one year old pictures with Ray Davis Photography!
I adore Ray, she always has amazing ideas for our photo shoots, and my best pictures of Jace are her doing.

We're going to do some regular pictures, some pictures of Jace with Luna, and a cake smash, which is why I'm currently baking a funfetti cake. But not a normal one, nope, I made it a tye-dye cake with purple, green and blue! I know Jace is going to have a ton of fun smashing and nom-ing on it, and the pictures will be so adorable.

Then in about two weeks we are having his first birthday party, which is a Finding Nemo theme. So I've started picking up decorations and getting everything ready. I'm just going to bake the cakes for that too, and I need to figure out what food I want to make still. But my amazing friends Lindsay and Bethany are coming down to help with everything that weekend and will be here to celebrate with us! I'm super excited, I've missed them both and haven't seen them since January, and Jace has changed a lot in that time too so I know they're anxious to see him. He's a whole lot more talkative now and he's going to love his birthday party.

I think that's about all that's going on around here, as usual life revolves around the itty biddy one!

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