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Cutest. Baby. Ever.

I'm totally biased when I say that, and I know this, but seriously, getting the sneak peek images from Ray Davis Photography from yesterday all I can think is "he's so freaking adorable!" And we had so much fun doing the shoot too. Ray got here a little early while Jace was still napping so we could get all set up. Once Jace woke up she wanted to get pictures of everything, so she snapped a picture of him waking up in his crib:

We went downstairs and took pictures of him looking like a beach baby, pictures of him playing with a fish-y in a bowl (the fish was only slightly traumatized), and then it was time for the cake smash. Ray was afraid he would be timid, because once kids get in front of a camera they don't always do what you expect. Well, Jace did exactly what I expected. First he took the Happy Birthday sign off and threw it to the side, then he took off the candle and threw it, and took both hands right to the center of the cake. It was hilarious, and so fun! Ray kept snapping pictures and I think Jace ate at least half of that little cake. Then he had to go straight to the bath. The blue icing was EVERYWHERE and turned the bathwater bright blue as well. We got some pictures of that too, and then some pictures in his room again. I love that I have such a variety of pictures:

I'll add more pictures to the post as Ray edits them!

Update April 5 :

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