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Hunting Easter Eggs!

This afternoon we went to an Easter Egg hunt, thankfully in beautiful weather, and Jace loved it. He wasn't really into going after the eggs, but he completely loved crawling all around the yard, and if he happened to come across an egg he would grab it and play with it.
It was wonderful to be around so many babies. Our congregation is FULL of babies. And children. Seriously, I think they make up almost half the population on Sunday mornings. And I love it. Because it means it is so much easier for me to relate to the other parents, to have things in common and form friendships.
Actually, I was thinking about friendship today, and I don't think I'm really great at making friends. I mean, once I have friends I try very hard to keep them and to keep my word. But meeting new people? I'm an introvert: I like to observe how everyone interacts, take in the group dynamic, and then I start saying more and adding my own personality to the group. And I think that some people take that to mean that I'm unfriendly, and I'm not, I just have issues with shyness. Still. I've been shy since, well, always. In kindergarten  that is what Mrs. Finn told my parents. Good student, bright, always listens, but shy.

I think it's something that I need to work on. Getting outside my comfort zone and working to make new friends. So, any volunteers? If you can handle an almost toddler as well we make a great package deal! 

Oh, and here are some pictures from the hunt today, who can resist that cute face?

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