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Spring Cleaning has Struck

I get rid of clutter fairly well. I'm not a pack rat. But when it comes to my clothes, there were some items living in plastic totes in my closet that have been there for nearly a year. Why?

Well it's been one year and four months since I started my fitness craze. When I began in October of 2013, I wore size Large in tops, size 12/14 in jeans, and that was what my entire wardrobe was made up of. Piece by piece, items became too large for me to wear. The cheap items that I had collected at Goodwill easily went back to Goodwill. But the pieces that I spent money on, that had a designer label, or that were a favorite still in fantastic condition, stayed on the hanger. They slowly made their way from the hanger, to the aforementioned plastic bins.

Every time I went through them, a nagging thought hung out that I couldn't shake, "What happens if you gain that weight back Camille? You never thought you would be that size, but it happened. If it does again do you want to have to fork over the money to buy things you were naive enough to give away?"

Yes, my mind is a cruel little thing.

So they continued to live in my squished little closet. They hung out there as my safety net that I could stop being so active and calorie-conscious and still have something to wear. But this past weekend I was going through clothes to sell to Twice for store credit so that I could get some new items. Twice only accepts certain brand names, so after going through all the items they would accept, I looked at what I had left. And I made a choice.

I don't want the safety net if that makes it okay for me to go back to being lazy.  

So I packed up all the clothes, and found them a new home. I thought it would be hard, instead it was cleansing. It was me declaring that this "fitness craze" is not a fleeting fad. It's not a temporary thing that I'll soon leave behind. I'm declaring that being healthy and fit (which, for me, seems to be at this size) is who I am and will continue to be.

Plus, making some space in my closet is a wonderful added bonus.

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