In hope loss mortgage optimist


Today I am extremely thankful for my optimistic nature. Because even though I am doing a little grieving, I am also confident that something better will come.

We're not getting the house.

Actually, because of an unfair complication with Nathan's job (not his fault, just bad luck for us), we won't be getting any house anytime soon. See, to get a mortgage you have to meet certain requirements. So, even though I am working a lot (55.5 hours last week alone), since my position is seasonal they will not count my income. And so, we had to make phone calls this morning to go about canceling the contract because we will not be purchasing that beautiful, wonderful home that we found. We will, however, still be paying for all the inspections that have been done. Unfortunate, but sadly there is nothing we can do.
However, my nature is to see the good. And so I am believing that something better is coming our way. I am choosing to believe that there is a reason it did not work out for us to have gotten the house and I will find out what that reason is in time.

For now, I will continue to be thankful. Thankful for the support of friends and family, thankful for optimism, thankful for my family, and thankful that God has a plan for us, even if I don't yet have any idea what it is.


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