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Passing Down the Not-So-Flattering Traits

There's an obsession that comes the minute you see your newborns' face.
Not from you, but from the rest of the world.

Who does s/he look like??

If you're like me, you think something along the lines of, who cares? But you'll hear it, constantly. I'm not sure what age the question ends: so far at age two it's still going strong.

While I'm not particularly interested in the fact that I'm usually told "he looks just like Nathan!" I do find his character traits that were clearly passed down to be infinitely more captivating.

This two year old boy is thrilled by sports, just like his daddy, and demands a bedtime story at night, just like mommy. There are many adorable little traits that are so fun to watch.

And then, there are the traits that I can recognize as mine, but wish I couldn't. Yesterday was a big one: the boy reacts to needles the same way I do.

First, I am so sorry kid. This is not going to make your life easier.

Yesterday Jace went to get his vaccines, he didn't cry and barely flinched while he watched the needles go into his legs. The nurse was impressed to see a 2 year old respond so well. And then, his face went white, his forehead got sweaty, he spit up and went limp into my arms. He was still conscious, but I knew by looking at him exactly how he felt. Because I've felt that way with every needle for as long as I can remember.

I've never done needles well. Even needles by choice. When I decided to get my bellybutton pierced at 18 I sat with no problem while the needle and then the ring went in. Moments later I felt light headed and faint, lost my color, and had to lay back down.

I can expect it now, so I try to make sure I have a sugary drink nearby and that I don't try to stand up too quickly. It's why I've never been able to give blood, because all it takes is a finger prick to start the process and then I'm on the verge of fainting.

But the nurse said it's a reaction she's never seen in a two year old. It's something I never would have expected from him. He's never seemed bothered by the sight of blood, gives pretend shots with his little doctor kit, and is usually just a curious kid. But yesterday, I watched myself react to shots in the miniature form.

Again I say, I am sorry kid. Turns out in this respect, you are just like your momma.

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