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Things I Learned in July

Linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky for this month's collection of what I've learned!

1.) There is an EST (Eastern Standard Time) and EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).
Seriously, I never knew this. Until I accidentally sent a work meeting request with the wrong one on it.

2.) The best way to clean out your house is to ask this question:
Am I keeping this because I want/need it, or because I think someone else wants me to keep it?
And if it's that someone else thinks you should have it, then it's time to donate it.

3.) How to be happy being still.
When we lost out on the house it was disappointing. But after all the stress we had been through, all the drama it had caused, and all the money we had lost with it, when we finally got the definite "No," I actually felt relief. I unpacked the boxes, decluttered my home, and found myself being content without worrying about "What's our next move?"
Are we going to stay in our apartment forever? No chance. But do we need to change it right now? Nope.

4.) Don't let 2 year old's play with technology that you will need.
When we went up to Ohio this month I packed my iPod knowing that I would need it to go for a run. Unbeknownst to me, the day before we left Jace had gotten a hold of it. So when I went to run I turned it on and was greeted with an odd request:
Enter your passcode.
I've never put a passcode on it. But apparently Jace did. And there's no way to ask a toddler what four numbers he set. Since there are 10,000 possibilities I now need to reset it to get back into it.

5.) My toddler wants to be a rock climber.
Wednesday night we decided to go up to Anglin Falls to hike, mostly because even the edges aren't that steep of a drop if Jace gets too close. But the end of the trail feels like it's basically straight up some rocks, and Jace was ready for it. He didn't want a hand to hold, and he certainly didn't want to be carried up it, he was was going to do it by himself thankyouverymuch.

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