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Conference Hosting, VeggieTales Birthday, and Researching Babies (April Learning)

It's time to talk about what all I learning in April, while linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky!

1.) I do enjoy that whole "facilitating a conference" aspect of my job.
Except for "that guy." Every conference that I've ever done has that one guy who just can't get over himself and clearly still believes that men are the superior gender. I kind of despise him.
Otherwise, I enjoy my give out name badges, direct people to the correct room, make sure the fort is held down role!

2.) Kid's birthday parties are superior to all others.
Jace's 3rd birthday party was just at the local park with some pizza, homemade cupcakes and watermelon. He picked his own theme (Veggietales), helped decorate, and mostly just loved playing with his friends. It was an adorable day, and watching the kids laugh and run and chase each other with squirt guns was probably the highlight of my month.

3.) Adoption is only for those with money.
Let's face it, raising a kid is expensive. Didn't an article go around earlier this month saying something about how raising a kid costs about $250,000 over their life? Totally worth it of course, I'll spend whatever I need to for Jace. But since I had a second miscarriage in a row, and was told the odds of it happening again are 30%, I thought I'd just do a little research. The agencies that I found in Kentucky list a basic "fee chart." Between the home studies, applications fees, expenses paid to the birth parent etc, you need somewhere around $25,000 for a domestic adoption. To do international it's even more with higher and stricter rules.
For some countries you (and your spouse) have to be at least 30 years old, or have a net worth of $80,000, or "prove that you're a good Christian" to be considered by that countries adoption agency. Can I just ask how I'm supposed to PROVE my Christianity? And who gets to decide that?
In a nutshell, the research that I did just killed me a little more: it's taking the fragile self-worth of someone who has lost two babies and saying "Hey, let me decide your worthiness as a parent based on some things that you have no control over, like your age and the fact that your job only pays you X amount of dollars each year."

4.) I am not a reptile person, but Walter is pretty awesome.
Nathan has wanted a ball python for probably forever. Every time we go near a pet store he's all about the reptiles. I'm, well, just not. However, of all the reptiles, the bearded dragon looked least offensive. So when his sister asked if she could get him a little dragon as a birthday present, I halfheartedly said yes.
Well the little bugger has grown on me, and I'm actually pretty attached. He's fun, and even if he bites it doesn't hurt (thank you toothless reptile).

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