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2016: Persevere

The trend of this new year is apparently to pick a word. I've seen friends pick some beautiful, engulfing, direction-filled words to define their year. Words like seek, or gratitude.

I started pondering, thinking about what I want this year to be, what I want to accomplish, and the perfect word finally came to me.


Last year, by the fall, I realize that I had given up. I was beaten down, and doing nothing more than surviving. I stopped dreaming about the future, and just tried to make it from sun up to sundown.

This year, no matter how promising or bleak the outcome looks, I need to persevere. This year will still hold trials: Nathan's final surgery should happen in the beginning of April, we will hopefully be able to move out of the basement and back into our own place, and we need to figure out what happens next in our careers and lives.

But I am not allowed to check out, I am not allowed to let these situations take me hostage again. This year, 2016, no matter the circumstances, I will persevere.

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