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Things I'm Loving {November}

Happy November y'all!

It's the 15th already, crazy as that seems, which means it's time for a link up of things that I'm loving, and to encourage my blogging friends to join in. Because after all, November is the month of Thanksgiving, what better time is there to think about the things that you love and are thankful for?

Without further ado:

1. Finding Neverland

2. A job that, despite being temporary, is happy to work with my schedule.

3. A little app called Hopper that's watching for the best price to fly to visit my parents.

4. Raising Cane's, Noodle Nirvana, Papaleno's and all my other Kentucky favorite restaurants.

5. Christmas Shopping/Christmas Cards and preparing for the holidays!

6. River of Life church

7. In person time with friends that are basically family.

If you decide to post your own blog of what you're loving be sure to link up below so others can find you and check it out! 

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