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Recipes & Roller Coasters [May Learning]

1.) Variations of Oat Balls 

The peanut butter, oat, honey and dark chocolate chip balls have been longtime healthy snack favorite of mine. Most recently, I added vanilla protein powder and it was a tiny but noticeable change. But I found a ton of new ideas and options on Pinterest that I now can't wait to try.

2.) Double sports bra is the only way to do coasters.

For those of us that are, well, no an A cup, spending the day on roller coasters can be rough. Two sports bras seems to be the solution though, because we did coasters for 8 hours straight!

2017 Goals Update:

I laid out goals for myself this year, and what better time to check in with them then my monthly learning post? Here's where things stand currently.

1.) Read 50 books!

Current Status:

2.) Achieve and maintain goal weight.

Current Status: Honestly, I think I'm removing this goal for 2017. It is not happening, and I'm tired of feeling guilty about it.

3.) Meditate daily

Current Status: Not daily, but I did do some meditation. For June, I want to take on this challenge.

4.) Maintain Blog

Current Status: Third post of the month, still going strong and bringing me joy.

5.) Write!

Current Status: I didn't submit a piece, but I did work on some more of my writing.

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