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I like to feel strong and in shape.
But I also like to lounge on the couch with the hubby and watch the newest episode of Nashville.

As I've mentioned before, I really don't play sports. Getting screamed at (even encouraging words) is overwhelming for me, and when I fail to hit/catch/score the ball, I feel a great sense of personal failure. I'm not graceful (curse my luck) and my coordination is far from fantastic.

Yet that's how most in-shape, healthy people stay that way. They play football at Thanksgiving, softball in the spring and fall, soccer on the weekends etc. and that's how they stay active. I completely see why that works: you have a built in team that counts on you to participate and doesn't give you that wiggle room to stay in and sleep on the couch. It's harder to work out on your own and hold yourself accountable.

But because I'm not a sports team personality, I have few other options but to hold myself accountable. However, for my friends that see me regularly, I would like to ask for a bit of encouragement and accountability from them. And if you need someone to encourage you, I would love to be that person!

Recently, I made a decision to get fit.

I'm using an app called Lose It (if you use it too, please request to be my friend!) to track my exercise and my calories.

I went a little crazy on Pinterest picking up workout tips, motivation and ideas.

Here are the top ten that were most valuable to me:
1.) In the kitchen I have two glass bowls with pretty marbles in them. Each marble represents one pound. I weigh myself in the morning and each day that I'm down I move adequate marbles over. The best part of keeping it in the kitchen? It's a wonderful, visual reminder of what I'm working toward.
2.) Working out in the morning (sleep in your workout clothes for encouragement!)
3.) Drinking ice water. Lots of it.
4.) Not cutting out my favorite foods/desserts, just limiting my portion size.
5.) Getting adequate sleep
6.) Make an awesome playlist that I want to listen to for my workout.
7.) Don't eat while watching TV (it encourages mindless eating)
8.) Make it an exercise you enjoy (I love swimming, so on Friday's, I will swim!)
9.) Eat breakfast.
10.) Take progress pictures and measure more than what the scale reflects.

If you have any other tips that have helped you, or ideas for motivation, please share!

So far, I am down 4 pounds. It doesn't seem like much, but it's progress toward my eventual goal, which has an end date of March 22 (my 24th birthday) and a 5k run in Berea that I am determined to do, and do well.


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