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Ending October

First of all, Happy Halloween!
Whatever your plans are or were, I hope they provided great fun and memories.

October has been such a good month.


1.) I successfully worked three jobs! My usual hours at the Artisan Center, one day a week at the Appalachian College Association, and contractor work for ConsultWebs. I went to Knoxville to help work a conference and generally feel as though I learned a lot. Plus my personality loves to keep busy rather than bored, so this is a great thing for me.

2.) Lots of family time. My parents came down to spend a weekend, we saw most of Nathan's dad's family at a beautiful wedding in NC, and his mom will be arriving this evening. Of course, the majority of family time is spent with everyone fawning over the toddler, but I'm glad that Jace does get to build relationships with his extended family.

3.) Nathan and I are in a lifegroup at our church called Real Marriage. Can I begin to express what a blessing it has been? Childcare is provided and it meets once a week, it also requires dates and conversation and growth. Lots of growth. I've said it before: marriage is hard. It is good, wonderful, and the best decision I made, but it can be really freaking hard. So this group has made such changes in the way Nathan and I view our marriage, each other, and our family.

4.) I started living a healthier lifestyle: more active with better food choices, and it is pretty great. Well, sometimes I still miss my Mt. Dew and junk food binges, but mostly I am just proud of myself for actually sticking with it for more than a week.

5.) October starts the holiday months, and I love the holidays. We decorated for Halloween, are taking Jace (Scooby-doo!) trick or treating this evening (and probably tomorrow as well with Uncle Brendan), carved jack-o-lantern's, and started enjoying the many pumpkin spiced foods.

I hope your October was fantastic, and that your start to November is even better!


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