Bring It On 2014!

When I was younger I was convinced that the only day you could start to change your life was January first. That was the day you could start working out, the day you could start being more grateful and happier, the day that marked the change for the entire year.

I would type up and print out resolutions: mountains of them. I never simply chose one aspect of my life that needed work, I needed to fix all the things, all at once, all starting the magical day that is January first!

Obviously, that never worked.
And, at some point, I came to the realization that there's no better time than now. Or, if serious planning was required, that upcoming Sunday which started a new week.

So, when I started my most recent drink-more-water-workout-more-often-keep-tabs-on-your-weight jaunt, I started it on October 13. I had a bit of a lax period over Thanksgiving and Christmas, but didn't gain weight back, just stopped losing it. Let's be honest, keeping up with a workout and careful eating plan when you're stressing out about the holidays is a feat beyond most people, and I don't condemn myself for it. However, I will use the motivation of the new year to kick up my choices a bit.

I think that, to me, the approaching first of the year has become a time of reflection and evaluation.

I ask myself questions like, how have I grown in the past year? Where do I see myself next year? How do the next twelve months need to work for me to achieve that vision?

No longer am I naive enough to think that I'm going to wake up Wednesday morning and swear off all chocolate until I reach my goal weight of 150lbs, because time has shown me again and again that that is simply not an attainable idea.

So over the next year, here is what I plan to do:
- Continue with my healthier choices and finding new inspiration when I hit a plateau
- Take more time to read books for pleasure
- Journal regularly (at least once a week)
- Spend time enjoying my family
- Dedicate more time to devotionals and bible readings
- Work diligently to learn and enjoy my new job

I hope your resolutions, if you choose to have any, are achievable, exciting, joyous goals!


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