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I was born in the wrong generation

I was born middle-aged.
At least, by my generations standards I was.

I've found another blog article that keeps being shared on my social media.
5 'Mistakes' That You Should Never Apologize For In Your Twenties

While I don't disagree with everything in the blog, for the most part I find it to be a childish mess.

I understand that my idea of being 23 is a lot different from Taylor Swift's version of being 22, but still, for an entire decade of your life it's fine to be selfish and put yourself first?

This article (and many others) are encouraging that your twenties are the time to all be self-indulgent and, essentially, useless members of society.

So here are my modifications to those 5 mistakes:

1.) Don’t be sorry for falling in love with everything and everyone you meet.
Try spending this decade being more directed in your love.
Seek out your passions and the people you can really love, trust, and envision in your future.

2.) Don’t be sorry for being selfish and putting yourself first.
Think about someone other than yourself and be amazed at the difference in how good you feel about yourself.

3.) Don’t be sorry for leaving your good friends and family to chase your ambition.
If you need to move away, then do so! But do so for good reasons without causing unnecessary pain.

4.) Don’t be sorry for moving a million different times to a million different cities.
Seriously? Move to a new city every 6 months and see how happy you are with no close friends, close support system, or familiar haunts to return to. I know not everyone takes comfort in the familiar and routine, but I also don't think flitting around to every city you can temporarily find a job in is going to give you the happiness you crave.

5.) Don’t be sorry for wanting more, ever!
Or maybe try being happy with what you've been blessed to have. Maybe attempt to be grateful and appreciative for the things you get to enjoy that others aren't able to have. I'm not saying to "settle," but I am saying that if you spend all your time thinking you'll only be happy once you acquire X Y and Z, then you are never going to actually be happy.

Then there is the one quote that honestly made me angry.

"During our 20s, it is completely normal -- even expected -- never to be satisfied. We are a generation that never settles for less than our desires."

I have no idea who on earth wants to spend 10 years of their life dissatisfied and craving more, but it certainly isn't me or any of the close friends I associate with.

Yes, I am 23 years old. There are things I still want in life, things I still want to do and experience. But I'm not dissatisfied at all with my life. I am completely in love with two men: my husband and my son. And on a daily basis, I do my best to put their needs ahead of mine because I love them.

Trust me, giving up manicures and pedicures in order to take Jace out for an afternoon at the park makes me feel a million times better than thinking about myself.

Don't believe me?

Try it for a day. Spend one day thinking about others that you love more than you think about yourself, then see what actually makes you happier.

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