Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Social media fads and games often tend to annoy me.

For example, let's all fill out the map and share it so everyone knows how many states I've been to! For two days every times I logged into Facebook all I saw was map after map. While it wasn't the worst thing, it was still annoying by the second day.

However, there's one trend that doesn't usually bother me. In fact, I almost look forward to it, but this year the trend went away.

Normally, all through November, you see a daily status proclaiming what the user is thankful for leading up the Thanksgiving. It makes November feel very appreciative. But this year not one of my friends did, which seemed strange to me. 

Of course I didn't either, but I really would like to proclaim that I am thankful. 

2014 hasn't been my easiest year, but as I sit right now I cannot help but be overwhelmed by all that I have. I have a steady job that affords sick time, vacation time, and a set schedule, which makes it a lot easier to raise a charming, inventive, handsome boy that is in wonderful health alongside a faithful, doting man.

No matter what else has happened, this year I have always had a warm bed to crawl into with a sturdy roof over it. I never had to miss a meal because we couldn't afford it, and Nathan and I both had jobs to go to.

I am thankful that I live in a country where having enough food is not unheard of, and that this year, for the first time, my entire family has medical coverage so that I was able to seek medical attention when I needed it.

I am humbled by the friendships and relationships that have challenged me, spoiled me, and cared for me this year. Words are inadequate to convey the warm and fuzzy feelings.

And above all, I am grateful just for life. To be able to learn lessons, even those that are painful, means that I am alive and when I get hurt it means I was afforded the ability to take a risk and to want something. I live a life of hope, so how could I not be appreciative?

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