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November Learning

Happy End of November! Hope your month has been exciting, maybe full of family, and has left you prepped for Christmastime! Here's what I learned this month:

1.) Sharing my loss was the smartest move I could have made.
Losing a baby left me depressed. I'm still dealing with it, but having support has made it much easier. The week after surgery, members of our church volunteered to bring us meals, and it was helpful on more levels than can be understood. I still receive texts asking how I am and hugs for no other reason than to remind me that I am loved and valued.

2.) Christmas decorations still have their mood enhancing power.
I decorated early this year, and as usual went slightly overboard. Jace and I put Christmas lights in nearly every room in the house, wrapped all the pictures on the wall to look like presents, and set up snowmen everywhere. I find it very hard to be sad or stay sad when Christmas lights in the window greet me as soon as I pull into the driveway.

3.) Jace loves responsibility (in small doses).
As he gets bigger I like to give him little jobs, and I love to watch his face when he's able to do something. I was cooking dinner one evening and he wanted my attention, so I decided to have him help me. We were making homemade pizza, so I had him sprinkle on the cheese and add on pepperoni. Was it visually the prettiest pizza? Not at all, but Jace loved being able to help. I'm still figuring out what jobs I can give him at his age, but he is quite an eager learner.

4.) Sometimes my crazy list making is really a good thing.
We're on vacation right now, which meant packing. And not even normal packing, for Nathan and I we had to be prepared for the winter in Ohio, and summer weather for the cruise! So I responded with a giant list literally planning out each outfit for every day, and managed to fit everything into the appropriate suitcase, and then into the car with space to spare. It was quite a wonderful feeling.

What did you learn in November?

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