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Daddy's Girl

Sometimes I believe I am extremely grown up.

I'm a parent, a wife, a graduate, and a full-time employee.

All those descriptors clearly point to being an adult.

Yet there are still times when I'm reminded that I am a child.
Specifically, Mark and Brenda's child. To them, I will always be their baby girl. My mom is vocal about that, she still asks how my "little friends" are even when I tell her that they're finishing their master's degree or buying their first home. She still sees my friends as we were in high school, and I think in some ways she always will. However, my dad is much less clear on his thoughts. If you've ever met my dad, you wouldn't describe him as "warm." He used to terrify boys that I liked, and intimidated Nathan to no end. He is tough, straightforward, and not affectionate with words.

But he has other ways of showing how he feels though, mostly by taking care of me in moments I don't want to ask for help.
When we left for the cruise I left my car at my parents house since we were taking Sam and Michael's Jeep to Florida. When I returned my dad had taken my car in to the dealer to get parts replaced from a recall, had checked it over and replaced the spark plugs, and then put four new tires on it. Financially, it is my Christmas present, but I know what it actually was: it was my dad's way of saying "I love you." It was his way of saying he's sorry for the rough couple months I have had and showing that he still wants to protect me from the world, no matter how grown up I think I am.

It melted me to have him do that, because I have always been a daddy's girl. And honestly, I know I always will be, no matter how far into adulthood I go.

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