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Going Nowhere

I'm really very fond of this little blog. Not to mention extremely proud of the fact that I've kept it faithfully for over a year and a half. But recently I've watched my friends and fellow bloggers blogs take on a more serious note.

Instead of intermittent posts, there are:
- at least two posts per week
- link ups
- interviews
- giveaways
- Facebook shares
- dedicated directions 
- a "point" to the blog

It's impressive, it's structured, and it's so not what my blog looks like at all. I have months where I post like crazy, then months where I only post one thing. I don't guest blog, review books, or do giveaways. My blog is just what it began as: a place for me to write, the share, and to connect.

And honestly, after some thought and self-examination, I'm really happy going nowhere with it. I don't need this blog to be income for me. I've never needed a spotlight (in fact I'd prefer to hide from the spotlight if possible). And I don't have time to work tirelessly on it, my time with Jace and my hubby is already cut short by work and responsibility.

So while I applaud and sit in awe of the friends that are making waves in the blogging world, I'll be happy here in my little corner with my regular ten reader that like to connect with my words and tell those ten people that they are quite awesome.

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