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Getting Back to Healthy

Not losing weight when you've worked out hard is quite discouraging. I mean, let's just be honest. If you do the workouts, count the calories, and the scale shows you nothing for your effort, it is so much easier to say forget it and grab an extra slice or two of pizza with dinner.

That's what I've been having a tough time with lately. I haven't really gained back weight, but I know I'm not in the same shape I was a couple months ago.

The new work schedule, the cold, the tight money month, the vacation,  I can give a million excuses why I've slacked off instead of picked up the pace at this plateau. In the past, when I couldn't move past a weight, I simply stepped up my game. Added an extra workout, did something different to tone new muscles, but lately I've just been in a slump.

This morning, I'm wearing an older pink  sweater (hello negative a million degrees) and remembered taking a selfie in it a little over two years ago. On a whim, I took a current selfie and compared the two.

There's my lightbulb moment. My "oh yeah, that's why I'm not giving up" realization.
I have come so far over the past year. Even though it was hard, even though the day to day was hardly noticeable, and even though the temptation to avoid the cold/eat the doughnut/ stay in bed was always present, I worked hard to get to this point.

So even with the impending bad weather, the excuses that will come so easily when I'm stuck in the house to avoid freezing temps, I am going to hold myself accountable and keep going. After all,  I was able to do it 40 pounds ago, so really, what excuse do I have now?

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