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Mom Moments (Part 1)

Parenting a two year old means I sometimes string together sentence I never imagined I would say. I have some conversations and moments that my pre-mom self could never have dreamed up. My toddler tends to respond with some interesting phrases that are worth a laugh.

This all leads to some pretty entertaining moments, so I thought I'd share, and I'm naming it part one because, let's face it, parenthood is only bound to get more entertaining as time goes on.

Me: Jace, what do you want for dinner?
Jace: Applesauce.
Me: Applesauce is not dinner.
Jace: Applesauce!
Me: Applesauce is still not dinner.
Jace: Applesauce?

*Me cleaning fruit in the kitchen*
Jace: Grapes?
Me: No grapes right now, would you like a strawberry?
Jace: Straw-baby!

Jace: Snowman!
Me: We can't build a snowman baby, there's no snow.
Jace: *Gets snow boots.* Boots, snowman.
Me: Just because you put your snow boots on doesn't make it snow.

*At the library playing a Sesame Street computer game.*
Me: Jace, look what I found for you (A VeggieTales CD).
Jace: Beggietales! *Looks at Elmo on the computer screen, holding up CD* Look Elmo, Beggietales!

*I'm in the kitchen, Jace in the living room.*
Me: Sneezes.
Jace: Bless you mommy! *No response, so he gets off couch, marches to me in the kitchen.* BLESS you mommy!

Whenever Jace hears the theme song to Big Bang Theory: "Knock knock, Penny! Knock knock, Penny!"

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