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Resurrected Walter, Migraines, and Single Momhood (August Learning)

I'm finally getting back to my monthly learning link ups, so thanks for understanding the gap!

1.) Being a single mom for a month makes you really appreciate your husband.

So not kidding here. Jace is amazing, and he and I understand each other well. But being the only person to wake him up, to get him juice, to make sure he washed his hands, and to make sure he still felt loved despite only have one parent at home; it was exhausting and overwhelming. I cannot lie, I am dreading having to do it again in October. And then one more time as we just found out there will be a third surgery.

2.) Migraines are hereditary.

Grandpa had them. Mom has them to the point that they crippled her for a couple days. Sister has them. And mid-month, after a headache that just refused to go away, I was forced to consider the possibility of migraines. 'Cause, ya know, we haven't had enough medical drama over the past couple months.

3.) If you can't escape for real, make a temporary escape.

I turned out back porch into a getaway one perfect late summer evening to have a movie date and just get away from everything for a couple hours.

4.) Reptiles are great self healers.

I've introduced everyone to Walter before. The bearded dragon. Well Walter had a little accident this month while playing with Jace. Walter decided it was a good idea to jump down and run across the living room. Luna decided it was a good idea to chase Walter. Tiny few ounces Walter got stepped on by 50 pound Luna. I seriously truly thought he was dead: it looked like his ribs and legs were crushed. I laid him in his tank and planned to bury him the next morning before Jace woke up.
Except when I walked downstairs in the morning he was alive. He is somehow totally healed and doing fine now, though not very happy to be taken out of his tank.

Thanks to Emily at Chatting at the Sky for hosting these little monthly linkups!

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