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Mom Moments (Part 3)

Jace and I are walking Luna.
Me: Luna Lynn, stop pulling at me!
Jace: Luna in?
Me: No, Luna Lynn. Just like you're Jace Alexander, it's her middle name.
Jace: *Pauses* No, him Luna Alexander!

Me: Okay, bathtime!
Jace: I not dirty, I don't need bath!
Me: You are dirty. Bathtime.
Jace: I don't like bathtime.
Me: Like it or not you still have to bath.
Jace: Oh.

Me: Do you miss Clay?
Jace: Yeah, I miss Clay.
Me: And Miss Gabby?
Jace: Yeah... what her name?
Me: Her name? It's Miss Gabby.
Jace: No, her name!
Me: Clay's mommy?
Jace: Ohhhh, Miss Gabby is like Camille!

Jace got to pick the paint for his new bedroom, and he picked a very bright almost aquarium blue. 
Me: Jace, is this a light blue or a dark blue room?
Jace: Hmm, light blue. *goes over and turns off light* Now it's dark blue mom!

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