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Replaced, Quashed, Constructed (November Learning)

1.) A Motion to Quash is a real thing.

I started working in a law office at the end of last month. I do a lot of filing, phone answering, and typing, which means typing anything that is needed. Most of it seemed normal to me, but then I got to type a Motion to Quash. I seriously looked at the word over and over, certain I had to be reading it wrong, but in the legal work it exists!

2.) I'm not awful with construction.

Since moving in with my in-laws, we took on the task of making Jace his own room, which involved drywall, lots of mud, hours of painting, and adding flooring. While I didn't help with all aspects, I did assist with the mudding of the drywall, and though I wore quite a bit, I was overall not bad at it.

  3.) If you allow a three year old to choose the color of his new bedroom, assume it will be bright.

We told Jace he could pick whatever he wanted as a color for his room, and he said he wanted blue. While standing at Lowe's looking at the paint samples, he chooses Adriatic Azure. He loves it and that is what matters though, plus he had an excellent time getting it onto the walls.

4.) Being replaced (even when it's absolutely necessary) still hurts.

I've talked a lot about my job at the ACA. I loved it, I enjoyed the travel, the day to day aspect, the new building, and especially some of my coworkers. But when I had to leave (sadly, we couldn't find a way for me to do the job from 400 miles away) I knew they would have to hire someone to replace me. But when they did, I was shocked by how emotional I felt about it. On a logical level, I knew that it was a good thing and that they deserve to have someone handling the office aspects that I cared for, but to know someone else is now sitting at my desk just hurts.

Many thanks to Emily at Chatting at the Sky for her monthly "What I've Learned" linkups, and it's nice to be getting back into my writing and into the blogging world. Hopefully things will remain calm enough for me to stay!

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