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Fortune 100, WPM's, Yoga and Birthday! [March Learning]

So you know how this is going to start out. How, in the month of March, did I stop accepting crap? How did I demand more? I made myself be social.

Yes, you read that correctly, I made myself stop being super introverted and successfully peopled. At the end of February we finally found a church that we felt could be ours. I started reaching out to people, and went out on a limb that ended up in a breakfast invitation after church as well as connection to others. It's hard for me to be social, but it's so worth it to forge new relationships.

1.) My workplace jumped up to number 48 on the list of Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Last year Hyland Software was number 76 (which is still awesome) but this year they had a major jump and hit 48. I really am not sure how I got so lucky to land a job here, but it truly is a phenomenal company to work for.

2.) My typing speed is now 70 wpm.

When I started at Hyland if I focused really hard on my typing, my best testing speed was 60 words per minute. On average, it was closer to about 55, and when I was at the law office trying to decipher handwritten notes, it was pretty rough. However, after taking rigorous notes in meetings on a very regular basis, I'm now up to 70 pretty easily. By the time this project ends I'm really curious to see what my overall typing speed will be because practice makes perfect, right?

3.) The beach is literally 5 minutes from my office.

This discovery on a warm, sunny lunchtime break made my whole entire day. I plan to take full advantage of this, and even though it's lake Erie, not the ocean, I'm just going to focus on the fact that it's the beach. It. Is. The. Beach.
That is all.

4.) Kentucky was absolutely my home.

I know this because I moved away 5 (almost 6) months ago. And I still have days where I am so homesick that I feel physical aching. Where I will hear a song that takes me back to my morning jogs with Luna looping around the park and my pool. I will remember a moment from my old job, what feels like remembering my old life. Kentucky, I miss you desperately and need a visit very, very soon.

5.) I really like yoga.

I began taking a Sculpting Yoga class at Hyland. In hindsight, it may not have been the smartest option to start with that instead of a beginners class, but go big or go home, right? Sculpting yoga involves 10-15 second intervals of mountain climbers, heavy weights and light weights, squats and planks amid the traditional poses like downward dog and child's pose. Honestly, it is a killer workout. But I am greatly enjoying the results as I suffer through the work part and get stronger.

6.) Birthday's are the perfect excuse to try new restaurants.

I ended up with multiple meals for my birthday this year. A couple lunches, a couple dinners, no big deal (I go overboard celebrating lol). But this year instead of just picking old restaurants with classic favorites, I went ahead and tried some new places, which really paid off. My friends met up with my at Houlihan's and in addition to everything we ordered being delicious, you can order a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea for about $8. And they have different versions. We got Georgia (Peach schnapps and cranberry juice added to a regular long island) and it was fantastic.

How did March treat you? What exciting learning happened? Link up with Emily and let me know!

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