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I've said and posted about it before, and living with my in-laws, I hear constantly how much Jace is exactly like his dad.

Jace looks like a mini Nathan on many counts, he eats like his daddy did, and he has many of the same mannerisms as my husband did when he was young.

But those moments when I see myself in him, those moments melt my heart.

Yesterday morning he woke up at 6:00 am, and crawled into bed with me.

"Mom, it's wake up time!"

It was not wake up time, so I convinced him to snuggle up with me and he fell back asleep.

As I started to wake up I heard him talking, but he was still fast asleep. This was a new development that I didn't know about, but I knew immediately who he got it from.

When I was younger I remember spending the night at grandma and papa's house and papa telling me the next morning that I talked in my sleep, and it was so funny. When mom came to pick my sister and I up, he told her and she said she knew: it was something both us girls just did.

It's a little thing, but those moments when I see our similarities just make me pause, because Jace is his own little person now. He has his own sassy little personality. But he is still his mommy's boy, in ways he doesn't even know.

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