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Stars Hollow, Eevee, and Project Management [July Learning]

What did I learn in July to improve myself and my life?

Be spontaneous.

I love my routine, and I love to have things planned. But sometimes it brings my soul great joy to do something in the moment, with no advanced planning, that I know will make me happy. As I headed to the gym one morning, I detoured and instead went to the beach at sunrise. It was a beautiful morning that brought great happiness to my heart.

1.) Pokemon Go

Along with the rest of the world, I downloaded the Pokemon Go app. Initially I downloaded it for Jace, and really did only play it with him. I've noticed more and more though that I'll open it up just to check if there are any Pokemon I don't have nearby.

2.) I'm not ready to be a Project Manager (yet).

Currently my title is Project Assistant at work, and the project I'm assisting with is a rather massive implementation that won't be done until next year. The Project Manager is who I work most closely with, and she is out on a leave for up for 4 weeks, and in the meantime she has entrusted me with many of the tasks and responsibilities she normally sees to.

I'm just saying, there's a reason I'm an assistant. But, I'm also grateful for the experience, because what I have discovered thus far is that, though I'm not ready now, I could one day see myself thriving in that role.

3.) Lindsay and I have 5 conversations. Basically daily.

Actually, it's not even 5 conversations, it's more like 2 or 3 conversations spread over 5 means of communication. On a daily basis we hangouts/snapchat/text/Facebook message/call each other. I told Nathan, I hope no one ever hoped to follow a full conversation of ours, because they'd have no idea where to look for each piece.


Be still my heart I was feeling all the feels when the first trailer came out for the 4 part series, along with the date of November 25. I watched the trailer 3 times within an hour of its release, and marked the calendar, informing my husband that yes, we would be staying up all night to binge watch it, and yes, we would be doing so in true Gilmore Girls style with a feast of junk food.

What did July teach you?

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