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Essential Oils, Harry Potter, & Feminism [January Learning]

The first month of 2017 is at an end, and that means time for a collection of learning! Here's what I learned in the month of January.

1.) Harry Potter in Concert

There is a tour that brings the first Harry Potter movie to a screen with a symphony playing the soundtrack alongside the movie. It's coming to Columbus in March. It looks amazing.

2.) Some of my social media friends still have no idea what feminism actually is.

With the women's march taking place the day after inauguration I was shocked to see how many of my friends were posting that night and the next day about how they "don't need feminism" and are "so sick of feminists" and that "feminists do not speak for them."

Because I can't summarize it nearly as well, please enjoy this quote from Aziz Ansari:

3.) Essential Oils 

I started a small collection of essential oils, and this month have discovered how useful they can be. Diffusing lavender in the evening before bed helps me to feel calm and ready to sleep. Using tea tree oil on pimples (diluted with coconut oil) does appear to help them. Do I actually believe that a combination of 6 oils is the magic fix for a lack of motivation? No, but it also does not hurt and smells lovely.

4.) Doing nothing isn't an option.

Less than two weeks in office, and thus far Trump has "tried" to fulfill his campaign promises, and I'm not about to sit idly by and watch it happen. So from here on out, I will be participating in #takeactiontuesday where at least once a week I will be doing something to fight back. Because climate change is real, the government shouldn't control a woman's uterus, alternative facts are fiction, and this country was built on immigrants and religious freedom, to build a wall and ban the Muslims is simply un-American.

2017 Goals Update:

I laid out goals for myself this year, and what better time to check in with them then my monthly learning post? Here's where things stand currently.

1.) Read 50 books!

Current Status: 

Also worth noting, I have a book type. Fiction, authored by a woman. So in an effort to mix that up, the book I'm currently reading is nonfiction authored by a man.

2.) Achieve and maintain goal weight.

Current Status: Losing. Weight. Sucks.
I'm an emotional eater who deals with stress, and feelings and rejection with sugar. However, I joined a gym, I'm tracking my weight, and in the month of January I lost 4 pounds. That's progress, no matter how small.

3.) Meditate daily

Current Status: This was way harder than I anticipated. I figured oh, a beginners meditation can be done in five minutes. If I had to guess, I'd say I've meditated approximately twice a week all of January. But February is a new month!

4.) Maintain Blog

Current Status: I set this goal and said to "maintain" the blog, I needed to post at least twice per month. Well, say hello to my sixth blog post this month guys, if there's a goal I'm currently crushing, this is it.

5.) Write!

Current Status: I think I needed to give myself some better parameters on this one. I've written blog posts, and hand written letters to friends. But I've not written one poem, or short story, or creative piece. So, let's refine this, once per month (11 times this year) I'm going to submit something to a journal/newspaper/other publication.

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