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Leaving Limbo

I have spent the past year (and a half) of my life in limbo.

Am I leaving Ohio?
Should we try to move back to Kentucky? 
When will my temporary position end?
What's the plan when it does end?
What is the next step for my family? 

In August, I started applying to jobs. I applied to positions in Kentucky (Berea, Richmond and Lexington). I applied to positions at Hyland and nearby. And when my parents moved to Ocala, Florida, I started applying there.

My temporary position got an end date, September 15, 2017. That was my timeline left to figure it out. In the meantime I would continue living in the basement, unable to move because where my next position would be was unknown.

The number of positions applied to and number of times I tweaked my resume and cover letter grew, exceeding 100. I had several interviews that ended in rejection, and one I never heard from again. And it was discouraging. There were many moments I just felt completely defeated and useless.

But then, in an attempt to move forward with our lives, we started looking for places to rent that would be closer to our church and give us back the ability to be our own family unit here in Ohio. After being turned down endlessly because of Luna, and feeling done on that front too, I got a lead from a coworker. A three bedroom house, 15 minutes from church, 20 minutes from work, and we went to see it. I fell in love.

The next day was a follow up interview for a position at Hyland Software. I was offered the position in the room.

 In one week, everything changed. In one week, I had answers.

I'm not leaving Ohio, I'm staying at Hyland in a permanent position. We are living in a home in Elyria for at least the next year, and after that we can decide whether continuing to rent or pursuing buying a home is the best option. Jace will start kindergarten this fall, Nathan will finish up his schooling here. And meanwhile, we will be a family. We will plan to attend events nearby, we will be more involved and work to create relationships within our church. We will make trips to Newton Falls to visit my sister and our friends. We can plan family vacations to Florida because I will now have paid time off. And we can settle in, because obviously, this is where we're meant to be.

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