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Things I'm Loving {March '17}


After more than a year of sharing space, having my own house is bringing me more joy than I could ever have imagined.

2.) Moments of spring weather

Currently, it's snowing. However, a week ago it was so lovely I went for a walk on a work break without even needing a coat or jacket. And those moments of warmth and sunshine and the promise of spring bring me extreme joy.

3.) Decorating

We unloaded the first uHaul into the house on Saturday. The second uHaul on Sunday. And by last night, I had begun a gallery wall in the living room, because a house is not a home until I have personalized it with pictures.

4.) Season Three of Girl Meets World

Yes, this show is meant for the preteen/teenager age. Do I care? Nope. Still gonna love watching it.

5.) Memory Lane

In getting everything from my parents old house, I now have years and years of memories, which I've loved going through. Look at baby Camille, I totally see some Jace features and also, CUTE!

What are you loving right now? What joy is in your corner of the universe? If you blog, please feel free to link up below!

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