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Better Books, 82 Teeth, and Breaking Comfort Zones [June Learning]

June was a pretty great month, and had some good learning experiences too!

1.) The book is almost always better.

I read the Miss Peregrine's series in May, so I got the movie this month and watched it with Nathan. Thy tried to combine three books into one movie, switched the powers and ages of characters, and basically massacred the series (in my opinion).

2.) Alligators have 82 teeth. 

And despite Jace getting up close and personal with some of them, he did not experience any of those teeth.

3.) My husband and I are softies.

We've pushed around the idea before of adding another dog to our family, knowing that if we did it would absolutely be a rescue dog, and highly likely a pit bull or pit bull mix because those misunderstood babies need love.

So when Kennel #2 popped up on social media, I noticed.
When he was still there the week before we left for vacation, I had a feeling.
When he remained there after returning home, the pull started.
When the pound was full and he was first in line to be put down? We took Luna to meet him and signed the paperwork the same night to adopt him.

Meet Maverick, who came home from the vet last night to join the Kouris family.

4.) Stepping outside your comfort zone is so worth it sometimes. 

One of my favorite things in Kentucky was every Monday night going to ReFit (dance fitness), with Nicole and many of my other friends. I wanted it here too, I wanted it at my church, I wanted it as a way to make friends. So, I asked fellow mom friends if they'd be interested. I asked our church pastors if it was something I could do. I researched, pursued, practiced, and finally taught my first class earlier this week. And it was completely, 100% worth it.

2017 Goals Update:

I laid out goals for myself this year, and what better time to check in with them then my monthly learning post? Here's where things stand currently.

1.) Read 50 books!

Current Status:

2.) Meditate daily

Current Status: Not terrible, I did spend some time in meditation over the past month. It's still going to take some building up to in order to make it a daily practice though.

3.) Maintain Blog

Current Status: Fourth post of the month, yet again doubling what I deemed necessary to consider the blog "maintained." In fact, I've nearly matched the amount of posts I published in all of 2015!

4.) Write!

Current Status: I started a short story this month that has been very therapeutic, and jotted down other ideas for pieces I want to write.

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